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Allergy season is in full bloom, and this annual rite of spring can be uncomfortable, and in some cases, incapacitating. Many people succumb to the media hype and ask their doctors for a particular brand of antihistamine, which often results in decreased allergy symptoms, but also unwanted side effects. Is there a way to control allergy symptoms without getting the antihistamine induced "medicine head?"

There is, but as with any natural approach, it's important to look at the causes of allergy first, before we look at simply treating symptoms.

Allergy affects from 10 to 17% of the American population. For some, it is a chronic problem, and for others, it's seasonal. Allergies are abnormal immune system responses to substances called allergens, which trigger the immune system imbalance. The type of allergy symptom depends on the area of the body that is becoming irritated by the allergen. For example, in people with hay fever, the nose reacts with a runny nose, nasal congestion and watery eyes.

In people with food allergy, the inflammation of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract can cause bloating, pain and diarrhea. And for those with hives, it is the skin that is affected. Examples of common allergens include pollen, food, dust mites, animal dander, drugs, mold spores and insect venom. These triggers set off a cascade of events that lead to an inflammatory response, which then leads to the symptoms. The goal of allergy therapy is to stop the cascade BEFORE it gets started.

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Allergy Shield -- 120 Caps - Bioflavonoids, polyphenol-rich substances found in all fruits and vegetables, and vitamin C have powerful anti-allergy relief properties. They may reduce allergic reactions, rather than treat the symptoms. Bioflavonoids help block the initial release of histamine, the cause of allergy problems.

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The 7 reasons why Ionic Breeze Quadra became the number-one choice of America's allergy sufferers.
By Richard Thalheimer

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When we introduced the first LightAir Ion Flow Air Purifier, I had no idea its patented technology would become so widely accepted, so quickly. Ionic Breeze was the first and only air cleaner to circulate air in total silence and it soon became The Sharper Image's top seller as well as the bestselling air cleaner in America!

I should have known that people want the benefits of cleaner air — but not the noise of a conventional air filter, the high costs and the hassle of replacing filters.

Here are some reasons why Ionic Breeze is such a winner:

  1. It's silent. Why trade air pollution for noise pollution? Only Ionic Breeze has patented Zenion Effect technology that circulates air electronically — with no motor, no fan and no noise at all. Breathe cleaner air as you sleep in peace, enjoy music, watch a movie or simply share a quiet conversation.

  2. No filters to replace. You'll never have to find, buy, store or replace a disposable filter again. Instead, Ionic Breeze is an electrostatic precipitator air cleaner that traps airborne contaminants on a trio of permanent stainless steel collection blades that slide out for quick and easy cleaning with a cloth.

  3. Run 24 hours a day. Turn off any air cleaner and indoor air pollution returns to pre-treatment levels in about 30 minutes. All air cleaners should be run 24/7 but only Ionic Breeze — with silent circulation and minimal wattage — is uniquely designed for continuous use in a bedroom, entertainment room, living room, dining room, home office or anywhere you spend time and want to breathe cleaner air without being disturbed by noise.

  4. Traps allergens. Tests at U.S. universities, independent labs here and in England, and at America's leading allergy research center have proven the effectiveness of Ionic Breeze air purifiers at reducing airborne allergens and irritants such as pollen, dust mite allergen, tobacco smoke and dander. In fact, Ionic Breeze has the endorsement of the British Allergy Foundation.

  5. Saves money. It may seem like air purifiers sell for about the same price, but there is a huge difference in costs over just a few years. When you add the cost for electricity over five years and the cost for replacement filters for the same period, you could easily spend $1,000 more with other units — beyond the initial purchase price. Your annual operating cost of the Original Ionic Breeze Quadra is about seven bucks — it's practically free!

  6. Really cleans the air. Run an Ionic Breeze Quadra in your own home for two weeks, then slide out the collection blades. You will see with your own eyes all the gunk that was floating around the air you breathe every day. You don't want to be breathing that stuff!

  7. Satisfaction guaranteed! You have 60 days to try the Ionic Breeze Quadra, risk free, in your own home. If you are not 100 percent delighted, return it for a complete refund. You are the only judge! I am sure you will be very happy with every aspect of this remarkable air purifier. We have millions of satisfied customers.

About OzoneGuard

Every Original Ionic Breeze Quadra (SI837) comes with a FREE removable front grill attachment featuring OzoneGuard. Using Engelhard Corporation's PremAir catalyst technology, OzoneGuard converts ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2) on contact. With OzoneGuard in place, a significant portion of ground-level ozone (smog) that flows into the unit — plus trace levels of ozone by-product inside — is changed into oxygen before the cleaned, sanitized air circulates back into the room.

We believe this extra level of air purification establishes the Original Ionic Breeze Quadra among the very lowest in trace ozone by-product among all electrostatic precipitator air cleaners — while still providing an excellent level of odor reduction.

OzoneGuard represents the exclusive first use of award-winning PremAir catalyst technology in any portable air cleaner. PremAir catalyst is an innovation from Engelhard Corporation. For more than 50 years, they have been a leader in the development of superior clean-air technologies. For example, it was Engelhard who commercialized the first catalytic converter; converters are now used in most of the world's automobiles!

British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

The prestigious British Allergy Foundation (BAF) Seal of Approval is awarded to selected air cleaners that are independently proven to remove allergens. The Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze air purifiers earned this widely recognized BAF Seal after tests at an English research university by an internationally respected scientist and expert in air quality confirmed "Ionic Breeze reduces the allergen load in the air sufficiently to be of benefit to allergy sufferers."

The Ionic Breeze story: Invented Here.

When the inventor of Zenion Effect technology demonstrated its power — proving to us it moved air like a fan, but in dead silence — the proverbial light bulb went on: Why not replace the noisy, motor-driven fan in an electrostatic precipitator air cleaner with this silent electronic propulsion? Patented Zenion Effect is the secret behind the Ionic Breeze revolution — and only Sharper Image has it. Silent circulation addresses the number-one consumer complaint about air cleaners — noise! — because it operates in total silence.

Silence or noise — you choose!

Most air cleaners have high-watt motorized fans that make a type of low-frequency noise that numerous studies have found to be stressful or annoying. Other studies have looked at people and noisy machines in their environment and — guess what? — they turn them off! Who wants a big, noisy HEPA air-cleaning machine in a bedroom, dining room, family room or any room? We're not saying HEPA air cleaners are bad; we are saying, "Who can live with one?"

The Original Ionic Breeze Quadra stands 27" tall and weighs just 5 1/2 lbs. Ideal for any average-size room. Uses only 10 watts. Comes with one collection grid. An extra collection grid available (SI937). Plugs into three-prong outlet. Five-year warranty. Select gray or black. Created by Sharper Image Design.

Ionic Breeze air purifiers comply with current U.S. safety requirements for low ozone emissions for consumer products. We recommend that individuals with a history of respiratory disease consult with their doctor about possible heightened sensitivity to very low ozone.

On smoking:
No air cleaner can protect against the harmful effects of secondhand tobacco smoke. Clean air begins with a smoke-free environment. To learn more, visit

In order to minimize or eliminate allergy symptoms, it is important to remove or avoid the triggers-the allergens themselves.

Although it's difficult to avoid allergens completely, you can still focus on diminishing allergens, thus reducing our body's response. A clean environment is critical, and the use of HEPA air filtersicon and hypoallergenic mattress and pillow coveringsicon can significantly help with allergy symptoms. Keeping pets out of your bedroom will also help (why do you have pets to whom you are allergic?) You may want to avoid using humidifiers, as they can harbor bacteria and mold, which can cause allergic symptoms. By the way, don't waste your money on air duct cleaning, as this has not been shown to provide any real benefit, primarily because there are few allergens that "live"' in the dry air duct environment.

Immune System Debate

There are a number of body areas that are definitely under-researched as they are not readily visible to microscopes, let alone the naked eye. The lymphatic system, nervous system, and the immune system are the most talked about. Our immune systems keep disease at bay and try to rally round the wagons when invaders appear.

Weve been told to visualize our white blood cells fighting off viruses, bacteria and even cancer as well as visualizing pain retreating and becoming manageable. Biofeedback has become a part of mainstream medicine. So, to some extent, our minds control what the rest of our bodies do, and whether or not everything functions properly. That means, the immune system is not an individual section of the body that is independent of our organs and skeletal structure.

Its no wonder that stress, worry, fear, lack of money, relationship problems, family conflict and work issues have been found to affect the immune system, opening our bodies to all manner of attackers. How can we be healthy when our minds are occupied 18 hours a day (assuming we sleep for 8 hours) with fending off outside influences. Since the 1950s our collective lives have become much more complicated. Women in those days thought that they were unfulfilled because they didnt work outside the home. Now, women wonder how they got into the position working two full time jobs (one of them totally unpaid) with no relief in sight? No wonder many men and women are opting out of the rat race and trying to get back to a semblance of the simple life. I now know why most people yearn for a cottage by a lake or a cabin in the wilderness by a babbling brook.

A therapy based on the immune system is the Rife Cancer treatment which uses high frequencies to eliminate parasites that have invaded the organ that is affected. First comes the parasite/virus, and then the cancer. A depressed immune system allows this to happen and when the cancer cells start multiplying, the body cannot fight back.

Something as simple as a cut or a scratch can tell you if your immune system is weak or strong. If healing starts immediately, theres no problem, but if the cuts always become infected before eventually healing, one should start working on the immune system.

How can these challenges be met?
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How is your health? How is the health of your friends and loved ones? Are you and or your employer paying enough on the health insurance for you and your family? Are you at all concerned that bacteria all over the planet are rapidly becoming resistant to all antibiotics. Are you concerned that at the present rate of development of bacteria antibiotic resistance we will effectively be back in the pre-antibiotic era in just a few years? We now have different types and strains of bacteria all around the world that are only treatable with a single type of antibiotic and these bacteria are becoming resistant to this single antibiotic and there are no new antibiotic types in the research pipe line to use when these bacteria become totally resistant.

How would your friends, your family, and you like to be free from essentially all microbe (bacteria, viruses, fungus, and one cell organisms) caused disease and illness without the use of antibiotics?
by Gary Wade, Physicist and Research Director of the American Institute of Rehabilitation, 11/14/00


We believe that in the future if the powers to be are retrained
every home will be using this amazing technology...

When a body becomes overwhelmed with toxic substances, thoughts or feelings, the positive bio-electric field is immensely lowered in vibration and frequency. In other words, our body has a higher frequency or vibration when it is healthy and a lower vibration when it is sick.

Healthy cells, according to Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, have cell voltages of 70 to 90 millivolts. Due to the constant stresses of modern life and a toxic environment, cell voltage tends to drop as we age or get sick. As the voltage drops, the cells are unable to maintain a healthy environment for themselves. If the electrical charge of a cell drops to 50, a person can become chronically fatigued and may get sick often. If the voltage drops to 15, the cell becomes diseased. When the body's immune system gets overwhelmed and cannot fight an abundance of toxins and then we continue to put toxins into our bodies and minds such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, negative fear-based thoughts and heavy emotions, we can experience a physical imbalance.

The atoms of a body that are being affected by a negative condition, have an oscillating rate that is lower than it was originally designed to have. After many months or years of this internal dis-harmony, our immune system can weaken and the symptoms begin to show in the form of an actual terminal physical imbalance or disease. All cells have small electrically powered pumps whose function is to bring in nourishment, and take out toxins. Imagine going into a house where the power has been turned off. The plumping wouldn't operate so the toilets wouldn't work. There would be no running water; therefore, no showers or baths could be taken and doing dishes would be impossible. The refrigerator wouldn't work so there wouldn't be any food to eat, and the food that was in there would go bad. Add to that trash strike and now trash is piling up. As you could guess, anyone living in that house would probably get sick.

It is the same for the cells of the body. Without enough energy to operate, the cells become toxic and malnourished. Then, when presented with an infectious organism they have lost the vitality to resist.

One way to efficiently and safely raise cell voltages is with a device called a Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO). Invented by Georges Lakhovsky in the early 1900's. Dr. Lakhovsky discovered that healthy cells acted like little batteries and discovered how to recharge them (raise their voltages). He found that transmitting energy in the range between 750,000 hertz and 3,000,000,000 hertz raised the cell's voltage.

Dr. Lakhovsky had great results with all types of physical imbalances.

Most illness is an autoimmune illness. When your immune system cannot ward off a problem in your system in time, something fails. Your only defense is your immune system. By raising the oscillating frequency of every atom in your body, we are increasing the rate at which the immune system operates as well as eliminating the negative toxins that your body is trying to fight off.

How can these challenges be met?
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The Body's First Line of Defense
The immune system is a complex of organs--highly specialized cells and even a circulatory system separate from blood vessels--all of which work together to clear infection from the body.

The organs of the immune system, positioned throughout the body, are called lymphoid organs. The word "lymph" in Greek means a pure, clear stream--an appropriate description considering its appearance and purpose.

Lymphatic vessels form a circulatory system that operates in close partnership with blood circulation.

Lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes are the parts of the special circulatory system that carries lymph, a transparent fluid containing white blood cells, chiefly lymphocytes.

Lymph bathes the tissues of the body, and the lymphatic vessels collect and move it eventually back into the blood circulation. Lymph nodes dot the network of lymphatic vessels and provide meeting grounds for the immune system cells that defend against invaders. The spleen, at the upper left of the abdomen, is also a staging ground and a place where immune system cells confront foreign microbes.


Organs and tissues of the immune system dot the body in a protective network of barriers to infection.

Pockets of lymphoid tissue are in many other locations throughout the body, such as the bone marrow and thymus. Tonsils, adenoids, Peyer's patches, and the appendix are also lymphoid tissues.

Both immune cells and foreign molecules enter the lymph nodes via blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. All immune cells exit the lymphatic system and eventually return to the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, lymphocytes are transported to tissues throughout the body, where they act as sentries on the lookout for foreign antigens.

How the Immune System Works
Cells that will grow into the many types of more specialized cells that circulate throughout the immune system are produced in the bone marrow. This nutrient-rich, spongy tissue is found in the center shafts of certain long, flat bones of the body, such as the bones of the pelvis. The cells most relevant for understanding vaccines are the lymphocytes, numbering close to one trillion.

The two major classes of lymphocytes are B cells, which grow to maturity in the bone marrow, and T cells, which mature in the thymus, high in the chest behind the breastbone.

B cells produce antibodies that circulate in the blood and lymph streams and attach to foreign antigens to mark them for destruction by other immune cells.

B cells are part of what is known as antibody-mediated or humoral immunity, so called because the antibodies circulate in blood and lymph, which the ancient Greeks called, the body's "humors."


B cells become plasma cells, which produce antibodies when a foreign antigen triggers the immune response.

Certain T cells, which also patrol the blood and lymph for foreign invaders, can do more than mark the antigens; they attack and destroy diseased cells they recognize as foreign. T lymphocytes are responsible for cell-mediated immunity (or cellular immunity). T cells also orchestrate, regulate and coordinate the overall immune response. T cells depend on unique cell surface molecules called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) to help them recognize antigen fragments.

Antibodies produced by cells of the immune system recognize foreign antigens and mark them for destruction.


The antibodies that B cells produce are basic templates with a special region that is highly specific to target a given antigen. Much like a car coming off a production line, the antibody's frame remains constant, but through chemical and cellular messages, the immune system selects a green sedan, a red convertible or a white truck to combat this particular invader.

However, in contrast to cars, the variety of antibodies is very large. Different antibodies are destined for different purposes. Some coat the foreign invaders to make them attractive to the circulating scavenger cells, phagocytes, that will engulf an unwelcome microbe.

When some antibodies combine with antigens, they activate a cascade of nine proteins, known as complement, that have been circulating in inactive form in the blood. Complement forms a partnership with antibodies, once they have reacted with antigen, to help destroy foreign invaders and remove them from the body. Still other types of antibodies block viruses from entering cells.

T Cells
T cells have two major roles in immune defense. Regulatory T cells are essential for orchestrating the response of an elaborate system of different types of immune cells.

Helper T cells, for example, also known as CD4 positive T cells (CD4+ T cells), alert B cells to start making antibodies; they also can activate other T cells and immune system scavenger cells called macrophages and influence which type of antibody is produced.

Certain T cells, called CD8 positive T cells (CD8+ T cells), can become killer cells that attack and destroy infected cells. The killer T cells are also called cytotoxic T cells or CTLs (cytotoxic lymphocytes).

T lymphocytes become CD4+ or helper T cells, or they can become CD8+ cells, which in turn can become killer T cells, also called cytotoxic T cells.

Immune system process
Activation of helper T cells

After it engulfs and processes an antigen, the macrophage displays the antigen fragments combined with a Class II MHC protein on the macrophage cell surface. The antigen-protein combination attracts a helper T cell, and promotes its activation.

Activation of cytotoxic T cells

After a macrophage engulfs and processes an antigen, the macrophage displays the antigen fragments combined with a Class I MHC protein on the macrophage cell surface. A receptor on a circulating, resting cytotoxic T cell recognizes the antigen-protein complex and binds to it. The binding process and a helper T cell activate the cytotoxic T cell so that it can attack and destroy the diseased cell.

Activation of B cells to make antibody

A B cell uses one of its receptors to bind to its matching antigen, which the B cell engulfs and processes. The B cell then displays a piece of the antigen, bound to a Class II MHC protein, on the cell surface. This whole complex then binds to an activated helper T cell. This binding process stimulates the transformation of the B cell into an antibody-secreting plasma cell.

don't leave it till its nearly too late

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When we consider the amount of time that grain is often stored in "silo" type configurations. Is it any wonder that wheat/other grains, typically predispose consumers to infestation by whatever fungii prevails in them? How long does bread "hold" before mold is present, whether we see it with the naked eye or smell it with the naked nose? Fungii and parasites. Which precedes which, or do both develop from organisms that precede them? Austria prides itself with milk products from cows that are NOT fed with "silo-stored" grains !!

When, for over 200 years, "scientist types" have published their suspicions of a relationship between parasites and various illnesses. More recently, Russian scientist Tamara Lebedewa has associated trichinae with cancer, and American scientist Hulda R. Clark has associated the flatworm with cancer, and both have developed "curative approaches" that worked for patients who properly applied the curative measures. When we consider that Royal Rife developed devices that destroyed cancer cells, resulting in cures for 100% of the treated cancer infested patients, in the 1930s? When Dr. Johanna Budwig produced a procedure for "curing cancer" in 1956? When in the 1970s Gaston Naessens developed two substances, which strengthened the immune system, resulting in remission of cancer, AIDS and similar diseases which overtake the innundated immune system of hosts?

When we consider that administrative-type physicians tried to "buy out" each of these honorable researchers for a pittance, and when unsuccessful, used the "medicine machine" to drive them into ruination? When altruistic physicians, who practice healing rather than "Prescription Industry," are safer to practice furtively rather than openly? When numerous, honorable physicians have published exposes┬┤ such as "Why I Left Orthodox Medicine," 1995, Derrick Lonsdale, MD, revealing practices at the national level which perpetuate mayhem and manslaughter within the "health industry"?

Three cheers for scientist types who have the courage to publish scientific information, such as the articles preceding my comments. And three "uncheers" for the totalitarian types who belong to the NAZI Dr. Mengele group, who conduct mayhem on humans instead of rats. Do these types administer the US Food and Drug Administration, and a few related organisations, all of whom qualify for the charge of "criminal negligence."

When considering such historical information, some of us draw two conclusions:

1. Society is manipulated by "totalitarian types," the stuff of dictators, whether physicians or presidents;
2. The over 1 trillion US$ spent on "cancer research" since 1950, has investigated something other than a cure for cancer. dr.b_helthi

Original Message -----

"The information about what we are eating and how this may determine whether or not we may develop diabetes is something everyone needs to read. A toxin often found in our food supply may be making us sick! Scientists, needing to find mice with diabetes in order to study it, have to induce it in the mice by injecting them with this same toxin that is in our food supply. Does a constant exposure of this same toxin in our food on a daily basis do the same thing to us???" This is on my list now of books to read; the info alone about diet and supplements makes it worth while in my opinion. blessings Shan Is Cancer Contagious? By David Holland, MD

I recently spoke with a nurse who was diagnosed, as an adult, with leukemia. She endured the chemotherapy regimen her doctors prescribed, only to suffer from a secondary fungal infection during that time. The intensity and duration of the antifungal treatment rivaled that of the chemotherapy. At any rate, she recovered from both afflictions and went back to work.

Later, as a result of another workup -- which included a liver biopsy -- for some returning symptoms she had, bad news was again brought up. "Your leukemia has returned," her oncologist told her, and he proceeded to lay out the next line of chemotherapy drugs she would have to take.

Given that her chances of dying were much higher now that her cancer had returned, she opted to get a second opinion on her biopsy before proceeding with her next round of chemotherapy. She took her tissue sample to another hospital, and what she was told there was absolutely stunning: "You don't have leukemia," remarked the pathologist, "what you have is a fungal infection!"

The scenario that her doctors figured was that her previous fungal infection had returned -- a total possibility. But for this nurse, more questions were raised. She thought, for example, "If they diagnosed my fungal infection as leukemia this time, is it possible that they were wrong the FIRST time? Was my leukemia really a fungal infection to begin with, and was my so-called 'secondary' fungal infection I had earlier really a full-blown manifestation of what originally might have looked like leukemia?"

Of course, she would never get answers to these questions, for to fully investigate thoughts like these might imply that a diagnostic error was made on the part of either her initial oncologist or pathologist.

Nevertheless, an intense six months later -- some of it spent in the hospital -- of high-dose, powerful antifungals finally achieved a cure for her fungal infection. Today, she is again back at work, exuding more than ever with compassion for her patients. It really struck me when she told me where she works, because in her case, her occupation may very well relate to what she had suffered over the past two years. It turns out that she works at a bone-marrow transplant center, and is in daily contact with children with leukemia.

Now, the thought of her "acquiring" something as grave as leukemia would almost be preposterous to some. But the temptation to scratch our heads and wonder about this is unbearable. What if she really did have a fungal infection -- and NOT leukemia -- her first time around? And if so, did she "catch" this from her precious little patients?

Fungal infections not only can be extremely contagious, but they also go hand in hand with leukemia -- every oncologist knows this. And these infections are devastating: once a child who has become a bone marrow transplant recipient gets a "secondary" fungal infection, his chances of living, despite all the antifungals in the world, are only 20%, at best.
And then the unthinkable thought arises: what if all of these children didn't even have leukemia, but rather a fungal infection, just as this nurse did? If doctors, in the 21st century, could mistake a fungal infection for leukemia in this nurse, could the same fate have fallen upon these children?

Doctors in general are not very good at diagnosing fungal infections because their medical school training is based so heavily on the role of bacteria and viruses in the area of infectious diseases. Fungi have been a forgotten foe ever since the advent of antibiotics. Once we had a drug that could kill bacteria, the interest in and the study of fungi fell to the wayside.

Laboratories display the same difficulty in diagnosing fungal infections: current tests for detecting the presence of fungi are both terribly scant and sorely antiquated.

Despite these training and technical inadequacies, there have been at least a few good reports that implicate the role of fungi in causing leukemia.

For example, in 1999 Meinolf Karthaus, MD, watched three different children with leukemia suddenly go into remission upon receiving a triple antifungal drug cocktail for their "secondary" fungal infections.(1)

Pre-dating that, Mark Bielski stated back in 1997 that leukemia, whether acute or chronic, is intimately associated with the yeast, Candida albicans. (2)

Finally, almost 50 years ago, Dr. J. Walter Wilson, in his textbook of clinical mycology, said that "it has been established that histoplasmosis and such reticuloendothelioses as leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, lymphosarcoma, and sarcoidosis are found to be coexistent much more frequently than is statistically justifiable on the basis of coincidence." (3)

Histoplasmosis is what we call an "endemic" fungal infection. It is most commonly acquired in regions surrounding the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys in the United States. One becomes ill by merely inhaling the tiny fungal spores of this fungus. (For more information on histoplasmosis and other endemic fungi, you can visit: ). Three similar reports like this over the span of 40 years should convince us to at least study the role of fungi in cancers like leukemia a little more thoroughly.

The late Milton White, MD., did exactly this. He fully believed that cancer is a "chronic, intracellular, infectious, biologically induced spore (fungus) transformation disease." (4) Using the proper isolation techniques (involving saline instead of formaldehyde as a tissue transportation medium between the operating room and the pathology lab), he was able to find fungal spores in every sample of cancer tissue he studied. His lifetime work has been routinely dismissed as nothing more than an unproven postulate.

Regardless, wouldn't you expect all of this information to make front-page headlines in every newspaper across the country, if not the world? Instead, every one of these findings was merely a brief mention -- only curious thoughts that one might entertain but never take seriously.

The fact is, if leukemia and fungal infections "co-exist" so frequently, and if an antifungal drug cocktail effectively cured at least these three children of their leukemia, then I say we put the brakes on right there. Is there a need to go any farther, except to more deeply investigate the need for antifungals in treating leukemia and not just the secondary infections that arise in the course of chemotherapy?

In his book, The Germ that Causes Cancer , author and television host Doug Kaufmann asserts that not only fungi, but also foods play a role in the etiology of cancer. He has seen children become free of their documented leukemia once the child's parents simply changed the child's diet. Kaufmann's diet is base on the widely-published problem of mycotoxin contamination of our grain foods.

Grains such as corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, and other foods such as peanuts, are commonly contaminated with cancer-causing fungal poisons, or "mycotoxins." (5,6) One of them, called aflatoxin, just happens to be the most carcinogenic substance on earth. If this is indeed a problem, Kaufmann asserts, then cereal for breakfast and soda pop for dinner may not be conducive to a cancer-free lifestyle.

A case in point: in a grain-based diet, we consume, on average, from 0.15mg to 0.5mg of aflatoxin per day. (7) Further, he states, it is not the sugar alone that is the problem in our western diet, but the fungal toxins that are found in the sugary grains. More than once has Kaufmann interviewed a caller (on his health talk show) who absolutely craved peanut butter and popcorn just prior to their diagnosis of cancer.

Fungi are such a nuisance in carbohydrate foods in particular because fungi need carbohydrates to thrive. Therefore, it is rarer to see fungal contamination problems in foods like vegetables and high-protein foods.

Kaufmann goes on further to explain how even antibiotics may play a role in the disease process. Antibiotics destroy the normal, protective gut bacteria, allowing intestinal yeast and fungi to grow unchecked. These internal, gut yeast make toxins, too. This can lead to immune suppression, symptoms of any autoimmune disease, or even cancer. "If the onset of any symptom or disease- cancer included- was preceded by a course of antibiotics," he maintains, "then look for a fungus to be at the root of your problem."

David Holland, MD Co-author, The Fungus Link, Infectious Diabetes . 20 May 2003 MediaTrition, Inc.

1. Karthaus, M. Treatment of fungal infections led to leukemia remissions. Sept. 28, 1999

2. Bielski: Boyd, W. Introduction to medical science. 1937. Lea & Febiger. Philadelphia, PA.

3. Wilson, J.W. Clinical and immunological aspects of fungus diseases. 1957. Charles C. Thomas. Springfield, IL.

4. White, M.W. Medical Hypotheses. 1996;47,35-38

5. Mycotoxins: Risks in Plant, Animal, and Human Systems. The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. Task Force Report No. 139. Jan 2003. Ames, IA.

6. Etzel, R.A. Mycotoxins. Jan 23, 2002. 387(4). Journal of the American Medical Association

7. Cheeke, P.R. Natural toxicant in feeds, forages, and poisonous plansts. 1998. Interstate Publishers, Inc. Danville, IL.

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