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Our Deadly Diabetes Deception diabetes deception

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The Loss of Insulin Sensitivity can be Decreased with the Right Nutrients.

It has been estimated that there are over 15 million people in the United States who have diabetes. Only 10 million of these individuals have been diagnosed. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Unfortunately, this disease DOES have a cure which means that anyone including your doctor and pharmacist who tells you that noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM, adult-onset diabetes, type II diabetes) "cannot" be cured is LYING to you.

All you have to do is remove the poison from your diet and replace it with the proper nutrition. Extract from the article: "Our Deadly Diabetes Deception."

"The goal of any effective alternative program is to repair and restore the body's own blood-sugar control mechanism. It is the malfunctioning of this mechanism that, over time, directly causes all of the many debilitating symptoms that make orthodox treatment so financially rewarding for the diabetes industry. For Type II diabetes, the steps in the program are: - health site featuring Xylitol Gum, Mints, and Sweetener! Besides your favorite health & vitamin supplements in large-size savings, We offer a complete line of cavity-fighting xylitol gum, mints, crystals, spray vitamins, toothpaste and Xlear Nasal Wash.

Reversing Diabetes

Nutritional approaches have worked to reverse diabetes. When the body is viewed as a system, and it's inputs, outputs, and processes are examined, the mystery disappears.

by Eric Armstrong

Diabetes starts out as an "insulin resistance" condition, before it turns into an "isnulin insufficiency" condition. The major cause of the condition lies in the heat-processed fats and oils we have been consuming for decades in this society. Another important cause is the lack of Chromiumicon in the food supply. Any intelligent protocol for the management of diabetes must take into account those facts. This article describes the protocols that work, and explains the process for the condition, as well the cure.

The Role of Fats

The chemistry is fairly simple: horseshoe-shaped polyunsaturated fatty acids are twisted by heat. They're straightened out, bond-shifted, and cross-linked so that the "business" end (the active end) is worthless.

That leads to the biology of the situation. The stationary end of the fatty acid can still attach to a phosphate group to make phospholipids -- which are incorporated into the cell walls. But the other end doesn't do it's job -- it lets in things it shouldn't (the cause of allergies) and doesn't interact with things it should -- things like insulin, which causes insulin resistance, and oxygen, which allows cancer to grow. (Oxygen is supremely deadly to cancer, and the fatty acids constitute the transport mechanism.)

The bottom line is that millions of years of evolution have never prepared the body to recognize and avoid the transmogrified fatty acids. So they act, quite literally, as metabolic poisons. In the same way that cyanide connects with hemoglobin and prevents oxygen from doing so, these things are build into the cell walls, preventing the chemically-active versions from doing so.

There are many more cells, though, and there are always some good fats among the bad ones (and vice versa), so it takes a long time to see serious effects. One effect is clearly visible though, since every cell requires fatty acids to function, you eat six times more than you would with high-quality fats in the diet. Hence the excess weight.

In addition to transporting oxygen and nutrients to and through the cell walls, are the "active" parts of the brain, nervous system, hemoglobin, hormones, and immune system. It is the electrons they supply (in the right time, at the right place) that are responsible for synapses firing, hormones communicating, destruction of invaders by immune cells, etc. So its clear that good health requires eliminating the bad fats and supplying the good ones.

The Role of Chromiumicon

Chromiumicon is needed to activate insulin. Without it, insulin won't work.

Chromiumicon is generally found in foods that contain sugar. So the mineral you need to metabolize the sugar is right there at the same time. Pretty cool. Except that when we refine things to make white foods like white sugar, white flour, and white rice, we remove all the Chromiumicon (and any other minerals). We leave behind the sugar and starch that makes the food products taste great, but we no longer include the Chromiumicon needed to metabolize it.

That wouldn't be so bad, if we were taking in Chromiumicon from other sources. But Chromiumicon is deficient in most U.S. soils. So it's not coming from elsewhere in the food supply, either.

The result is an overproduction of insulin as the body attempts to handle the sugar in the blood stream, coupled with a deficiency of Chromiumicon.

Reversing Diabetes

When you go to the doctor, diabetes is a death sentence. You get medications to "control" the problem. You take insulin injections for the rest of your life, and make sure your blood-sugar testing kit is always within reach. But eventually, you know it's going to kill you.

Nutritional practioners, on the other hand, have been reversing diabetes for decades. Their "miracle cures" result from a simple fact: Given the right nutrients, the body is fully capable of healing itself. Nutritional practioners therefore make sure that the body gets the nutrients it needs, and they make sure that their patients avoid the metabolic poisons that are so prevalent in the American food supply. The result, predictably, is yet another "miracle" that modern medicine can't explain. (That's a sad reflection on medical ignornance. At the very least, one would expect them to understand how such cures work, when they occur.)

Some of the protocols that nutritional practioners advise include:

  • Correcting fatty acid intake
  • Fasting
  • Raw foods

These protocols and others like them limit sugar, supply Chromiumicon to activate insulin, and make the body's cells receptive insulin once again by providing high quality fats. So of course they work!

Correcting Fatty Acid Intake

The trans fats come from:

  • Margarine and partially hydrogenated oil: Found in cookies, many breads, and many refined foods.
  • Refined oils: All the oils on the supermarket shelves have been super-heated and/or chemically extracted so they won't spoil -- at best, that means they have been rendered biologically inert, which makes them useless in the body; this turns them into metabolic poisons, as well. They certainly look pristine in those clear, brominated, #2 recycled containers. They certainly are tasteless which allows the flavor of "your cooking" to come through, but you might as well be cooking with motor oil. If it looks super clear and is super tasteless, this means that all the essential nutrients have been super-extracted using super-industrialized methods, so we end up with a greasy liquid that is better suited at fueling your car rather than human consumption.
  • Fried foods: Commercial deep frying bathes your favourite foods in toxic isomers. The most hazardous to your health is frying in commercial hydrogenated vegetable oil or shortening. Lard is better. Note: For home cooking, butter is semi-ok. Since butter and lard are saturated, they are straight-line, not horseshoe-shaped. (True, unsaturated fat is better, but, at least, a saturated fat allows your glucose transport system to work as opposed to hydrogenated oils, trans-fatty acids and other toxic isomers). You can't change satured fat structure much by heating it to cooking temperatures, but you create your own toxic isomers by over heating any oil to the smoking stage. The longer you keep it at frying temperatures, the more toxic isomers you make. Even if you started with the best, cold-press, gourmet virgin oil, you can still turn it into a toxic isomer bath by keeping it at deep frying temperatures. Imagine the junk food industry flash frying your guilty favorites in huge vats of "cooking oil" pumped in like so much sewage from huge gasoline-like tanker trucks. Then imagine keeping that same oil at super-hot, super-efficient frying temperatures about eight hours a day in those huge vats (I have no idea what happens to oil that gets "old"), inside of their super-automated assembly line that doesn't care about what living creature might get caught in the works. Now, imagine taking that final product out of the bag that looks and tastes so good that you don't care how sick you get - Can't just stop at one? That's what the TV commercial said. The FDA approved it too...

To reverse the condition, it is necessary to eliminate the bad fats, and supply good fats. (In addition, it is necessary to do everything possible to avoid the worst secondary conditions, which comes from the excessive sugar-induced oxidation, which can damage the eyes and many other bodily functions).

When the diet is optimal, it still takes about 2 years for the complete healing cycle, because that's how long it takes for the soft tissues of the body to be replaced. So, where do you find *good* fats:


To speed up the healing process, you may also want to consider fasting. A lot of housecleaning goes on during a fast, and many triglycerides (fatty acids) are eliminated. Fasting can speed up the process of eliminating bad fats that have already accumulated. Given a diabetic condition, however, it would be unwise to fast other than in a medically-supervised program that is geared to such undertakings. Such clinics exist. They're worth looking into.

Raw Foods

In Raw Food Treatment of Cancer, Kristine Nolfie, M.D., writes:

"Consistent consumption of raw vegetables and fruits has a surprisingly beneficial and speedy effect on diabetes, provided the patient has not taken insulin, or, at most, only small quantities of it for a year or two. It helps also when the patient has taken large doses of insulin for several years, but it takes longer...

"...several raw vegetables contain insulin, especially Jerusalem artichokes. Most vegetables contain in their raw state the precursor of insulin known as INULIN.

"Five chemists and three physicians in America carried out a protracted examination of four thousand diabetics and concluded that only one percent needed insulin. The rest of them recovered on nutrition alone."

A raw plant food, by definition, eliminates 100% of the bad fatty acids from the diet, and supplies the pure and natural fatty acids that are required for health. In addition, they come with what amounts to their own insulin supply. (Again, if you have started taking insulin, it makes sense to find a raw foods health clinic and make the transition under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner.)

Finally, raw foods and other unprocessed, natural foods supply the Chromiumicon needed to potentiate insulin, along with other vitamins and minerals.

How The "Cures" Work

Looking at the body from a systems level, it is important to realize that in its millions of years of evolution it has never once had to worry about insulin resistance that results from cells that simply don't respond to it. Nor has it had to worry about inactive insulin, resulting from a lack of Chromiumicon.

The body, sensibly enough, monitors the amount of sugar in the blood to determine whether insulin is needed. That happens in the liver. When you think about it. There's no other way for the body to operate. If it monitored insulin, it could keep from creating more when insulin is already present in the blood supply, due to insulin resistance. But then it wouldn't know when sugar arrived, so it wouldn't know when insulin was needed in the first place.

Actually, the liver doesn't even wait to see how much sugar arrives. It expects a certain amount of sugar in the food supply, so it starts secreting insulin when you eat. Based on the amount of food that is eaten, the body secretes a certain amount of insulin. Twenty minutes later, it looks at the blood stream and measures the amount of sugar (not insulin). If there is still sugar in the bloodstream, more insulin is secreted.

In the early stages, this mechanism produces the symptoms of hypoglemcia. After eating, the body may have already produced enough insulin to take the sugar out of the bloodstream, but a lot of the insulin isn't doing anything because it can't find the right cell receptors to bind to. The body, which is measuring sugar levels only, puts out even more insulin. About forty minutes later (an hour or so after eating) there is a big blood sugar drop as the additional insulin keeps removing sugar from the bloodstream.

How this process turns into diabetes is still something of a mystery. But if the condition is correctable through diet, then it is not as simple as a simple failure to produce insulin. Most likely, it occurs when the intake of bad fats goes "over the top".

Recall that the hormones, like the brain and nervous system, are produced from fatty acids -- the good ones, that is. Because the brain and nervous system won't function without them, they get first priority for the good fats. Additional good fats are required to make hormones and other chemical messengers that operate at the cellular level ("eicosanoids"). The remaining fats get built into the cell walls and stored as fat.

If the food supply contains too few of the good fatty acids, hormones like insulin can't be built! (Unlike the cell walls, bad fats won't do.) Because raw plant foods provide insulin or its immediate precursor, that body's manufacturing defect is remedied almost immediately. Over time, then, it appears that the insulin-production capacity can be restored, as well.


A diagnosis of diabetes does not have to be a "death sentence." Nutritional approaches have been very effective.


addendum to treatment:

I personally find it amazing that few medical doctors tell their patients that the major cause of type 2 diabetes is man made fats, such as trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated oils, etc.

My only additions to this treatment would be the following:

1) Six capsules of coral calcium (during the treatment), two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two in the evening. After the treatment, you can cut this dose in half. This should be 100% Coral Calcium (I prefer the Barefoot product), not a mixture of coral calcium and other forms of calcium.

2) A minimum of 10,000 I.U. of Vitamin D daily. This is absolutely required in order for your body to absorb the Coral Calcium.

3) MSMicon, but ONLY products that have zero additives. Take at least 3 grams a day.

4) Vitamin Cicon: Take at least 3 grams a day, but after a couple of weeks gradually move it up to 6 grams a day.

5) Cinnamonicon - at least 1/2 teaspoon a day.

6) Purple grapeicon juice. It is best to get organic, however, because even organic grape juice has been pasteurized, the difference is not that great.

All of the items, except for the Vitamin Cicon, are added to help your cell membranes.

It is absolutely critical to avoid ALL trans-fatty acids (and other toxic isomers), ALL hydrogenated oils, ALL CANOLA OIL (the first GMO), etc. like the plague. On the other hand, DO eat the good, natural fats and the omega 3.

Also, eat some cottage cheese (or skim milk) WITH the omega 3 foods or supplements; this will convert the oil soluble omega 3 into water soluble omega 3 (a Nobel Prize was awarded for this discovery).

What Causes Type II Diabetes

I quote from a web site:

  • "Another lipid in a cell wall is cholesterol. And you thought it was a terrible thing. The cholesterol in each one of your cells forms a "hydrophobic" bond within the cell wall. Hydrophobic means "fear of water." It�s a cute way to describe this function of our cells, but in our lives it simply describes the reason we don�t melt in a rainstorm or fall apart when we take a shower or bath. Our cells resist water. Without this resistance, we would be water-soluble and we'd all dissolve in a rainstorm.

    Our diets in this country lack these highly unsaturated fatty acids and contain an excess of man made oils known as trans-fats (mostly partially hydrogenated oils). These oils are very much like cholesterol and our bodies cannot tell the difference. [Speaking of cancer], these oils get into our cell walls and destroy the electrical charge. Without the charge, our cells start to suffocate. Without the oxygen, the only way the cell can replicate is anaerobically. (They also are very tough oils and have a 20-year shelf life. They impede the process of cellular exchange, or letting nutrition in and letting wastes out. Trans-fats (among all other toxic isomers) are also responsible for Type II diabetes."

The body uses the water-soluble vitamin B3 in the process of releasing energy from carbohydrates. It is needed to form fat from carbohydrates and to process alcohol. The niacin form of vitamin B3 also regulates cholesterol, though niacinamide does not...

No Flush Niacin -- 1,000 mg - 300 Capsulesicon Niacin is an essential B vitamin that plays many roles, including promoting cardiovascular, brain, digestive and skin health. Niacin is involved in numerous reactions inside of cells that convert food into cellular energy.

Niacin is also involved in the activity of enzymes that transport and break down fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and other molecules formed from food. No Flush Niacinicon is a safer form of niacin that is inositol bound. No Flush Niacinicon is better tolerated because it is does not produce gastrointestinal discomfort, or have the characteristic »flush« of producing red and itchy face and neck. Niacin is particularly helpful in promoting healthy cholesterol levels. A normal function of niacin is to help remove fats (triglycerides) from tissues and the bloodstream. Numerous studies prove niacin`s ability to raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

In other words, trans-fatty acids attach themselves to the cell walls, and because they are a different type and shape of molecule, make the cell walls "rigid," and the large glucose molecules cannot penetrate the cell walls and get into the cells.

Here is a more detailed way to explain it:

  • "Insulin binds with a cell wall receptor that causes a transport molecule to come to the wall and escort the glucose/ascorbate to where it is needed. The trouble is that it can't easily come through a port made of the wrong fatty acids. The cell may still have some good ports so increasing insulin will still help. Over time as the body continues to store excess glucose as triglyceride in fat cells and doesn't burn fat the person becomes obese--just look around you, it's everywhere.

    Most diets are low-fat and the fats they do contain are bad fats and the problem just gets worse."

A type 2 diabetic should absolutely avoid, at all costs, any food that contains trans-fatty acids (among the other toxic isomers). This includes margarine, peanut butter, French Fries, and virtually every other processed food. It will take about 7 years for your body to gradually purge all of the trans-fatty acids from the cells (it may take another 7 to find an industrially processed supermarket food without toxic isomers). As far as I know, the bad cells need to die and be replaced by cells that do not have the trans-fatty acids. This takes about 7 years. However, it won't take that long to cure diabetes if you eat the good fats and omega 3, and stop eating the bad fats.

In times past the problem was the lack of certain types of unsaturated fatty acids, but the problem today is a combination of lacking these unsaturated fatty acids plus the addition of trans-fatty acids (e.g. partially hydrogenated oils), hydrogenated oils, etc. in our diets.

Two Highly Recommended Books

The pH Miracle for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Diet Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics is by Robert O. Young, PhD

Infectious Diabetes is by Doug Kaufmann and David Holland, M.D.


Dr. Richard A. Anderson, at the Human Nutrition Research Center (USDA), found that people who eat apple pie have a significantly lower probability of getting Type II diabetes. Upon further examination, he isolated cinnamon as the substance in the apple pies that was preventing the diabetes. Within cinnamon, the key substance is called: methylhydroxychalcone polymer (MHCP):

  • "Dr. Anderson discovered that MHCP can stimulate glucose uptake by our cells. It can even help in the synthesis of glycogen, a polymer of glucose that our bodies produce as a means of storing energy for later use, when it is depolymerized back to glucose. Most of our glycogen is found in the liver, but some is found in our muscles - a handy place to be when we start exercising and need quick energy. Producing adequate amounts of glycogen is a principal function of blood sugar metabolism, and MHCP can help.

    Dr. Anderson says that MHCP has effects similar to those of insulin and works almost as well. Both of these substances work by chemically modifying our cells' insulin receptors in a manner that activates them to do their job, which is to allow glucose molecules to pass through the cell wall into the insulin cascade--the series of molecular events triggered by insulin's interaction with its receptor-is also triggered by MHCP. He also discovered that when MHCP and insulin act together, the effect is synergistic, i.e., the total effect is greater than the sum of its parts."


If you are already on insulin, absolutely do not stop taking insulin, or measuring your glucose levels, without your doctor's permission.

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Dr. Johanna Budwig discovered the basic pos-neg electron exchange in the human body that maintains life, and the polyunsaturated "fats" that engender the energy exchange. This, in the 1950s, when she was chief of the german FDA. In her book, "Cancer the Problem and the Solution," Dr. Johanna Budwig gives the clear explanation of how the body utilizes "fats". On pg. 19, she explains, "Fatty acids in (cow) butter contain a chain of 4 carbon-bindings. In coconut, goat milk and sheep milk fats, they stand at 6,8,10 or 12 carbon-bindings. The unsaturated, life-essential, fatty-acids begin to work efficiently when the chain of carbon-bindings reaches 18." However, she clarifies on p. 18 that, "If oils, whether sunflower or linseed, are heated, - - they form a criss-cross binding, which results in a disastrous, fish-net-type blockage of energy transfer between the fats, which then interact with protein as RADICALS." (If you have ever been to a vitamin store, then the clerk may have tried to sell you on nutrients to chelate free radicals. What we FAIL to learn is that most of those free radicals are coming from our mainstream commercial food supply in the form of industrial processed oils.)

If the energy transfer in the person were already on the unfavorable side of the balance, heated-treated coconut oil would interact as a radical, and "degrade" the energy transfer even more severely.

In essence, if you heat that virgin, cold-pressed oil to frying temperatures on a regular basis, then you are doing the same; the same principle applies to any cold-pressed vegetable oil. They can still be made destroyed and made unhealthy with high heat (and chemical extraction via the food processing industry).

Saturated fats like coconut oil and butter can take high cooking temperatures for a little while before breaking down. Unless you're pan frying fish, pancake or similar, always add soup stock, wine, or filtered water to your oil during cooking to keep it from burning; braising is just as tasty as stir frying, yet more healthy. Never bring your oil to smoking temperatures like those cooks on the food channel say; they are stupid when it comes to your health.

(Flash-fire grilling is also the worse thing you can do to your food - made famous by Bobby Flay. Slow barbeque is best; patience is a virtue. Treat your food kindly and it will be kind to your body.)

Linseed oil, sunflower oil and other cold-pressed (unheated process) oils contribute to the exchange of energy. The efficiency of a fatty oil�s contribution is determined by the number of carbon-bindings it possesses. The more, the better, as documented by Doctor Budwig fifty years ago. Contrary to advertisements, olive oil is NOT an effective source, per Dr. Budwig.

"Vegetable" oils derived by distillation tend to burn well in diesel engines "tuned" for this type of fuel. Distilled oils are unfit for "burning" in the body of a red-blooded being, especially human-types.

Place two small lids where you can see them. Put cold-pressed corn oil in one, distilled corn oil in the other. Watch which one the birds choose. Watch closely what birds do, immediately after having pecked into the distilled oil - if it happens... Birds don�t read colorful advertisements, nor watch TV, and still behave naturally - contrary to humans.

Per Dr. Johanna Budwig, p.18, " When such oils, regardless (18 or more carbon bindings), are treated with the steam-process, they might still show a high ion count. However, they are not the same life-maintenance fats with 18 carbon-bindings in their chain. Rather, they interact in a manner that constructs a criss-cross network that blocks interaction of the fatty acids, and are extremely damaging to the metabolic exchange. Also, they interact with proteins as radicals."

Heat destroys the natural, carbon binding chain. Remember, water is heated to the evaporation point, before it becomes steam. Not much life exists after +100° Centigrade is maintained for several minutes. That�s why we boil water, to kill contaminating germs.

Seems to me that a black-smith-type person, or a creative, car-mechanic in your area, could combine two metal rollers, thru which the coconut "goody" is run, yielding the cold-pressed oil that is desired. Inducing your comrades to alter an ages-old procedure will be a formidable challenge - perhaps.

Also, remember that (cold-pressed) linseed, sunflower, grapeseed and corn oils contain higher counts of carbon-bindings.

To insure healthiness, foods that are cooked should be steamed, or baked in a "hot-air" oven, not micro-waved (Microwaves tend to destroy proteins and nutrients leaving food nutritionally inert and the consumer hungry - Read more on how malnutrition within our food source affects our appetites)! As much as possible, foods should be eaten raw.

To your very good health, peace,

dr.b_helthi @

(website author's note: "braising" is an acceptable cooking method when the oil is mixed with a water-based liquid such as soup stock or wine since this keeps the cooking temperature around 100° C., therefore, has less tendency to destroy long carbon chains as long as the cooking time is relatively short. Pressure cooking is also an excellent method for preserving vitamins and minerals in your food because it has much shorter cooking times overall - even in comparison to microwave ovens.)

" Control blood sugar manually during the recovery cycle. Under medical supervision, gradually discontinue all oral hypoglycaemic agents along with any additional drugs given to counteract their side effects. Develop natural blood-sugar control by the use of glycaemic tables, by consuming frequent small meals (including fibre-rich foods), by regular post-prandial exercise, and by the complete avoidance of all sugars along with the judicious use of only non-toxic sweeteners.25 Avoid alcohol until blood sugar stabilises in the normal range. Keep score by using a pinprick-type glucose meter. Keep track of everything you do with a medical diary.

Spectrum Essentials Organic Flax Oil - High Lignan - 24 fl oz" Restore a proper balance of healthy fats and oils when the blood sugar controller again works. Permanently remove from the diet all cheap, toxic, junk fats and oils as well as the processed and restaurant foods that contain them. When the blood sugar controller again starts to work correctly, gradually introduce additional healthy foods to the diet. Test the effect of these added foods by monitoring blood sugar levels with the pinprick-type blood sugar monitor. Be sure to include the results of these tests in your diary also.

" Continue the program until normal insulin values are also restored after blood sugar levels begin to stabilise in the normal region. Once blood sugar levels fall into the normal range, the pancreas will gradually stop overproducing insulin. This process will typically take a little longer and can be tested by having your physician send a sample of your blood to a lab for a serum insulin determination. A good idea is to wait a couple of months after blood sugar control is restored and then have your physician check your insulin level. It's nice to have blood sugar in the normal range; it's even nicer to have this accomplished without excess insulin in the bloodstream.

" Separately repair the collateral damage done by the disease. Vascular problems caused by a chronically elevated glucose level will normally reverse themselves without conscious effort. The effects of retinopathy and of peripheral neuropathy, for example, will usually self repair. However, when the fine capillaries in the basement membranes of the kidneys begin to leak due to chronic high blood glucose, the kidneys compensate by laying down scar tissue to prevent the leakage. This scar tissue remains even after the diabetes is cured, and is the reason why the kidney damage is not believed to self repair..."

Read the entire article: "Our Deadly Diabetes Deception."


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Mormordica Extract (Bitter Melon, Nature's Herbs Bitter Melon 450 mg - 100 Caps) is a tropical fruit widely cultivated in Asia and South America. The blood-sugar-lowering action of the fresh fruit or extract of the unripe fruit has been clearly established in human clinical trials, as well as in experimental models. {My mother has "type II diabetes; she uses a lot of bitter melon in her cooking. Her blood sugar remains stable after every meal and the morning after.} *

*Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (which has been implicated in Nazi-style book-burnings and prosecution of innocent researchers who did nothing but help improve people's health with advanced technology). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication.

Vitamin D Linked to Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, and More

New evidence shows that people with higher levels of vitamin D experienced a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. Researchers at the US Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University just released its study linking low levels of vitamin D to diabetes in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The authors of the study concluded that maintaining optimal vitamin D levels in the blood may be a type 2 diabetes prevention strategy.

Other recent research found that vitamin D plays a critical role in activating the body's immune system against infectious diseases like the flu. Researchers noted that a deficiency in this important vitamin, which actually acts more like a hormone in your body, may result in a greater risk of contracting flu viruses. Additional research has linked low amounts of vitamin D to autoimmune disorders, cancer, depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

Vitamin D also plays essential roles in supporting our energy and balancing our moods. It also helps to build healthy bones, heart, nerves, skin, and teeth, and it supports the health of the thyroid gland-a butterfly gland in the throat that helps maintain a healthy weight, balanced metabolism, and energy levels.

While moderate sunlight exposure is the best source of vitamin D, many people incorrectly think that a small amount of sunshine exposure daily is sufficient to meet their vitamin D requirements. However, after your skin is exposed to sunlight, it takes about 48 hours to convert it into vitamin D. During that time, the sunlight-initiated precursors to vitamin D can be washed off with soap and water.

So, if you scrub your skin with soap in the shower, your body will not convert most of your skin's sun exposure to vitamin D. I'm not suggesting that you avoid showering after sun exposure rather that you primarily soap the areas that don't usually see the light of day and wash the newly tanned ones exclusively with water. Avoid excessive sun exposure since there are no health benefits of sunburn.

Symptoms of D3 Deficiency

Some vitamin D deficiency symptoms include: Bow legs or "knock knees," burning in mouth or throat, constipation, dental cavities or cracked teeth, insomnia, joint pains or bone pains, muscle cramps, nearsightedness (myopia-can't see distances), nervousness, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, frequent colds or flu, and poor bone development.

Sources of D3

Vitamin D is also found in fish and fish oils, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, and many types of sprouts. People with low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) tend to have difficulty with vitamin D absorption and as a result, may have higher needs for this nutrient.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola's biochemical research, we normally make about 20,000 IUs of vitamin D3 with proper daily exposure to sunlight. Without proper daily sunlight exposure, we need 30 IUs of D3 per pound of body weight or 5000 to 6000 IUs minimum for the average 150 to 200 lb person.

Google "sunlight exposure calculator" to find out the proper amount of time to spend in the sun in your region. On average, about 20 minutes of full sun on the face and upper arms suffices for you to make all the D3 you need. Wearing a bathing suit should reduce that time. Sunbathing in your birthday suit reduces the exposure requirement even further, but may draw some stares.

Most nutrition experts agree that the current RDA of 200 IU is insufficient and that the minimum needs to be raised to 1000 IU, while many health experts recommend supplementation of 2000 to 4000 IU daily (a ballpark average of all recommendations). However, you should always consult a qualified health professional before supplementing with vitamin D since excessive amounts can build up in the body creating a potential risk for toxicity and is contraindicated for some health conditions.

Adapted with permission of the author from the upcoming book, The Phytozyme Cure (Wiley, December 2010) by Michelle Schoffro Cook. Copyright Michelle Schoffro Cook. A complete list of references is published in The Phytozyme Cure.

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