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Heated Foot Maticon


Cold extremities easily lead to head-to-toe chills. The cure for such discomfort often lies in highly localized warmth that stops the source of the sensation for full body relief. Using less energy than a light bulb, the carpeted Heated Foot Mat employs this efficient strategy. Under desks and tables, or next to sofas and chairs, two convenient remote-switched settings of radiant heat deliver gently soothing foot warmth that never burns and can't overload. On full power, unit uses 70 watts; low power uses 35 watts. 18"L x 19"W. USA.

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Faux Suede "Human Touch" OttoMan 2.0 Foot & Calf Massager - Black (HW517BLK)

Faux Suede `Human Touch` OttoMan 2.0 Foot & Calf MassagerThe Human Touch? calf-and-foot massage can be yours with any chair, at any time, with the affordable OttoMan 2.0! The incredibly realistic Human Touch Technology (HTT) is now available in a portable, plug-in OttoMan 2.0 for less than $270! Luxuriously upholstered in faux leather, the ottoman features three height levels to choose from. Features a flat upholstered footrest that rotates to reveal two massaging wells for your calves and feet. Masseuses usually charge $60/hour to massage those calves and feet! After five hours of massage from this ottoman you're home free...

Rolling Foot Massager

- Enjoy four kinds of kneading, rolling foot massage; for as long as you like

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Sharper Image Waterfall Foot Spa (CA842)

- Remote-controlled Waterfall Foot Spa soothes and restores rough, tired, aching feet. Massaging foot spa envelops your feet with a warm cascade of soothing water. Kneading vibration massage, jet-action bubbles, waterjet (with or without waterfall) or a sequence of all actions. Activate the heat feature to keep warm water from getting cold. Includes five interchangeable spinning attachments for a customized pedicure.

Sharper Image Massaging Foot Spa with Hot Water Jets & Bubbles (HF775)

- Pamper your aching feet with a bubbling warm-water massage! Luxurious massaging foot spa makes cold water warm in just minutes and maintains the heat. Ten powerful water jets and soothing bubbles massage all around your feet. Use infrared option with large heated surface for deep penetrating therapy to the soles of your feet. Interchangeable pedicure attachments store neatly in a built-in compartment.

Foot Soother Elite Massager (HW558)

- Remote-controlled therapy for tired, aching, stressed-out feet acupressure vibration massage plus a kneading foot rub! Luxury floating footpad with deep penetrating arch nodes and acupressure nodules under your soles. Gentle or vigorous vibration massage; plus two pairs of ergonomic, cushioned "hands" that knead, squeeze and release the sides of each foot. Control functions with the wireless IR remote: high or low speed vibration or kneading or both; or a preprogrammed routine.

Best Seller! Human Touch™ Robotic Leather Massage ReclinerOur luxurious new leather Human Touch back-massage recliner with calf and foot massage now has full-body stretching, too! Enjoy a 15-minute massage and stretching program that is the ultimate at-home spa experience. Human Touch Technology (HTT®) feels amazingly real, like a professional masseuse, and HTT is the only Robotic Massage® tested and recognized by the authoritative American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists as a valid addition to back-care therapies. (continue...)

Jason Beautiful Legs & Fabulous Feet Anti-Stress Moisturizer - 8 oz - ANTI-STRESS MOISTURIZER Vitamin C, E, K and St. John's Worth, Tea Tree Oil, Aromatherapy Essential Oils

JASON NAIL SAVER NO FUNGUS .5 OZ - Helps correct and improve nail disorders such as brittleness, ridges, cracking, peeling, hang nails, cuticle problems and infection.


Some of you NEVER have foot odor, but for the vast majority of the population foot odor has been a major concern. It also happens to be bacterially produced, so we already have the expertise to make you fresher (and healthier) from head to toe.

We receive numerous emails about this problem and since our goal is to make the world a better smelling (and healthier) place, we put our nose to the grindstone and came up with something that really works - and is very easy to use.

We've been able to create an oxygenating tablet called "Dr. Katz's Sweet Feet" that literally stops foot odor dead in its tracks. In addition, if you suffer with more serious foot-related problems, such as Athlete's Foot and/or toenail fungus, I think you'll find our home therapies, using these tablets as specifically outlined in the booklet I've written on these topics, to be quite helpful.

By literally cramming a high dose of OXYD-8 into this concentrated tablet and then dissolving that tablet in water, one can create a potent deodorizing solution that has the ability to stop foot odor in only a few days. It works by interrupting the bacteria and microbes involved in odor production (and other problems, too), but it does not interrupt the normal flora of microbes that live on our skin.

I don't want to get too far into the details in this page, but I've put together a short 8 page booklet which contains everything you need to know. You can download it for free by going to www.sweetfeet.com.

We're introducing several packages of "Dr. Katz's Sweet Feet" this week which are designed for a variety of different foot ailments (foot odor, athlete's foot, and toenail fungus) and for the next few weeks you can get 25% off!

So go right now to download your guide "How To Stop Foot Odor, Athlete's Foot, and Toenail Fungus."

Harold Katz, DDS

Flu Season Remedies Flu Season Remedies

Gout Solutions Gout Solutions

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