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Hair Loss: Causes and Effects

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Hair Loss: Causes and Effects

Hair Shedding

Because hair follicles cycle through the three stages (growth, degeneration and rest) at different intervals, a certain amount of hair is shed daily (while in the rest stage) � nature�s method of making way for new hair. The average daily shedding is estimated at 75-150 hairs. hair loss beyond this indicates a scalp or hair abnormality.

Numerous factors can contribute to the irregular loss of hair, including genetics, stress, diet, physical constitution, and hair and scalp conditions. One of the highest instances of hair loss and thinning hair may and can occur from the build-up of hair care products and debris.

Regular hair care products clean and treat hair, but some neglect the important needs of the scalp. Ingredients used in their formulation make your hair feel clean and look good, but these very ingredients are also slowly clogging hair follicles. Continuous use of these products may eventually zap the life out of scalp and hair�possibly leading to hair loss.

After thorough examination of the problem several years ago, preliminary measures were taken to develop a revolutionary program and superior quality product line consisting entirely of ingredients recognized as safe in the cosmetic industry, for men and women of all ages � to give hair follicles a chance to return to their normal life cycle.

(Hair loss diagram) stress, hair condition, scalp condition, physical condition eating habits

You may suffer from hair loss if you�

  • have any family member who has thin hair or hair loss

  • drink an excessive amount of caffeinated beverages

  • have poor eating habits

  • smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day

  • live a stressful life

  • shampoo only twice per week

  • apply hair lotion on an unclean scalp

  • have a build-up of hair care products and topical lotions

The degree of hair loss varies among individuals and circumstances.

Understanding Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

The general attitude among women is that they don't and shouldn't lose hair. But hair thinning and hair loss it is more common than many of us think. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Androgenetic Alopecia, or hereditary hair loss is the most common type. It affects approximately 30 million women - that�s one in four - and affects 50 million men in the United States . Contrary to popular belief, you can inherit a tendency to lose hair from your father, your mother, or both parents. But for women, the diagnosis isn't always so simple. Hormonal shifts, nutritional deficiencies, certain medications, stress, and major illnesses can also be causes.

Common Causes of Hair Thinning

  • Post Pregnancy

  • Severe emotional stress

  • Under medical treatment

  • Hormonal hair loss

According the American Hair Counsel, a woman�s hair is thickest by the time they are 20 years old. After age 20, hair naturally begins to thin.

Typically a woman or a man will lose from 50 to 100 hairs a day. Women have thinning hair as they get older, but it is usually on the top and sides of the scalp. Unlike men who have receding hairlines on the forehead, women tend to retain the frontal hairline.

Hair has three growth cycles: anagen, the stage of active growth; catagen, a transition stage; and telogen, when the follicle releases the hair. Of the 100,000 hairs on the average person, about 100 are in the telogen phase and fall out every day.

Hormones have a great effect on hair, which is why many women notice changes during and after pregnancy and around menopause. After menopause, a woman�s ovaries may produce more androgens (male hormones) than estrogen and this can result in hair loss. Doctors believe hair thinning in women and baldness in men is related to increased testosterone. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon can do scalp biopsies and have the hair follicles studied, which may be helpful in determining androgen effects. Some medications, severe stress, malnutrition, iron deficiency and an under active thyroid may also cause hair loss. Because of these many potential causes of hair loss, doctors have recommended blood tests as useful.

Repeated permanents, harsh bleaching and other chemical processing of hair may contribute to hair damage. Follicular Degeneration Syndrome occurs with the heavy use of hair pomades and oils used with a hot comb or hair straightening iron causing scalp scarring and a condition of permanent hair loss.

Alopecia is the medical term for abnormal hair loss. Alopecia can follow serious infections with high fever, pregnancy, severe dieting, skin diseases or use of prescription medications. Chemotherapy treatments for cancer are a well-known cause of hair loss. Doctors have reported that anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory medication, thyroid and goiter medication as well as blood pressure medicines affecting hair growth.

Different types of tight hair weaving and tight braiding are reported to cause hair loss called Traction Alopecia. These types of hair replacement and styling methods used over long periods of time can cause irreversible hair loss.

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that affects about 2% of the population. It can range from small round patches of hair loss to loss of all scalp hair called Alopecia Totalis. The loss of all body hair is known as Alopecia Universalis.

Those of you who are concerned that you might have this kind of hair loss can contact the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and receive more information. They can be reached in San Francisco , California at 415-456-4644.

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Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the body changes that most people fear of. Just like menopause, hair loss can easily divulge a person's age. But unlike menopause, which can be kept from everyone but yourself, hair loss can be detected or seen by almost everybody. At about the age of 35, the effect of hair loss can already be seen in men -- either their hair line recedes or a "dome" begins to appear at the back of their hair; some even experience both. In, it is stated that 65% of all men are suffering from the effects of hair loss and a majority of them have Male Pattern Baldness. Women, on the other hand, are affected by hair loss in a different way. Starting at the age of 30, their hair gradually thins out. By the age of 50 or shortly after their menopausal stage, the scalp becomes more noticeable because of lessened hair strands all over the head.

Different factors may cause hair loss. Aging and genetics are only a few. But in men, basically, it is caused by dehydrotestosterone hormone, or DHT. This hormone's chief purpose is to develop the traits of men such as deep voice, larger muscles, and mustache. However, it also develops Male Pattern Baldness. What this hormone does is it accumulates and develops in the DHT receptors found around the follicles of hair. As the hormone has established itself, it will eventually kill the hair as well as the follicle, making it hopeless for hair to grow back. According to, DHT production in women is as not as high as in men, hence, women do not suffer from the same radical hair loss as men do.

DHT increases as men age, killing more and more of the hair follicles. Excess production of DHT can lead to baldness. Although every person has this hormone, there are some who only produce enough amount of DHT. Fortunately, they are the ones not suffering from extreme hair loss.

Other factors for hair loss in both men and women are:

1. Disease or illness - Losing hair could be a sign of being unhealthy. Illnesses such as systemic lupus erythematosis and syphilis, or thyroid disorder show hair loss as a symptom. Chronic kidney dysfunction may also cause lots of hair to fall as it makes them unhealthy, dry, and breakable.

2. Side effects of medications - Drugs that contain lithium, beta-blockers, warfarin, heparin, amphetamines, and levodopa (Atamet, Larodopa, Sinemet) can cause numerous hair to fall off. In addition, some medications being used in treating cancer like doxorubicin can cause rapid but temporary hair loss.

3. Hormones - Different kinds of hormones compromise the human system and an imbalanced production of those could affect the normal growth of hair. An example of this is women's menstrual cycle. Hormonal changes take place in the ovulation period that could cause some hair to lose, so as thyroid and pituitary disorders.

4. Zinc deficiency - Along with diarrhea and eczema, hair loss appears to be a symptom if one has inadequate intake or if the body poorly absorbs zinc.

5. Hair abuses - Too much treatments to hair such as coloring, perming, bleaching, corn rows, and usage of curling irons can wear out and eventually kill the hair. Even excessive use of comb and strong shampoo products can add up to hair loss. Combing the hair for about a hundred times will not really make it healthy; rather, it will lessen the strength of the hair and make it brittle. Shampoos' strong chemicals, on the other hand, can dry the hair up.

6. Giving birth - About a month after a woman gives birth, some of her hair strands have the tendency to fall off easily. Hair strands that fall off are usually from one portion of the head, leaving moon crater-like hair. The falling off of hair in this instance actually does not lead to baldness and it is not permanent, though the recovery period will take up to a year.

These and some other factors cause hair loss. There may be a lot, but the good thing is, there are also quite a lot with regard to medical options of treating this condition. Medicating hair loss can be done by undergoing surgical treatments like scalp grafting, taking oral medications like finasteride pills, or using topical applications such as ProFollica?.

Each treatment is different in approaches, processes, requirements, and applications. For example, hair loss surgery is a proven effective method and so are pills. But both can only be applied to and taken by men. The surgery is usually recommendable to severe cases of hair loss, while pills like finasteride can cause harmful effects to women. Perhaps, the most convenient way to address hair loss treatment, for both men and women, is through applying topical products. This kind of remedy, like ProFollica?, usually comes in a system. This system has natural ingredients, which make it safe for anyone's usage with hair loss condition. It is up to the person and to the doctor, if he is to consult one, what treatment he'll rather or willingly try.

Old beliefs, such as cap wearing bringing about hair loss or combing the hair more than one hundred times will make it healthier, have long been proven untrue. With some tips and causes given above, indeed, knowing the right causes will make one smart on choosing the right solutions.