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What are the main health concerns for men?

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    In This Libido Report You will Discover:

  1. Exactly How You Can Keep An Active Sex Life As Long As YOU Like.

  2. Why Sexual Problems Occur In Men And How You Can Avoid Them.

  3. Scientific Studies That Smash The Myth "Good Sex Is Only For The Young".

  4. The Secret Weapon Used By Home Run Superstar Mark McGwire That'll Do More Than Improve Your Ball Game!

  5. How Keeping Your Sex Life Alive & Well Will Actually Help You Live Longer.

  6. The Warning Signs Of Future Sexual Problems And How To Prevent Them.

  7. The Crucial Connection Between Sexual Desire And Satisfactory Performance.

  8. How To Keep Your Sexual Organs From Shrinking As You Get Older ...Yes, It Will Happen To You Unless You Know How To Stop It

  9. The Reason You Get Flabby With Age Is Also A Culprit In Decreased Sexual Desire And Ability ... -Here's How You Can Reverse That Unfair Act Of Nature.

  10. Why Sexual Problems Occur In Men And How You Can Avoid Them

    As you get older, you feel the increasing demands and stresses that life brings. With medical and physical problems creeping into your life, the preoccupation with sex can begin to diminish. Sex is part of the flow of mental traffic. The "normal" interest in sex for a man in his 30's, 40's or 50's varies from a desire to have sex almost daily to once every month or two.

    At it's extreme there is a complete lack of desire. The man no longer thinks about or wants to have sex. Unfortunately, the absence of desire (and the absence of erections) mean that the penis is not receiving the nutrients and oxygen it needs to remain healthy and functional. In this situation, muscle in the penis, that is the erectile tissue, is increasingly replaced by fibrous tissue. Fibrous tissue is less elastic. As this occurs, it becomes more difficult to get an erection. When sexual potency begins to wane, the man may feel that he is losing control of himself, of his mind, his body, and of being able to influence his world.

    This simple effect can lead to anxiety, depression and an inability to function in the world from an interpersonal, business and professional level. When this happens the man suffers, and usually the people in his life, especially his wife, suffer as well.

    You May Need More Than Just Desire!

    One of the most significant factors is a decline in your body's levels of testosterone, which is an Androgen. Androgens are steroid hormones, such as testosterone or androsterone, which control the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics. In a recent study by Dr. Ben Campbell (Boston University), Richard Bribiescas (Yale University), and Co-Investigators Akiko Uchida, and Grazyna Jasienska it was determined that a formerly controversial, age-related decline in free testosterone is now recognized as a consistent pattern.

    Age-related changes in testosterone levels in western males have been associated with not only a change in the sexual ability to function properly, but also a change in body composition, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, loss of bone density, and changes in mood and cognitive function. From the age of 35 years, a man might see his testosterone levels drop .5% to as much as 2% each year, according to specialist Dr. Anna Grey. Dr. R. Greenblatt reported that between the ages of 70 and 80, many men have testosterone levels that are similar to the levels of men who have been castrated!

    Because of this most men will have an isolated erection problem at some time in their lives, but for others it happens more frequently. If the inability to respond to your partner has become a recurring problem, you may be suffering from a treatable medical condition called erectile dysfunction, (ED) also known as impotence.

    If you suspect you have ED, there's no need to suffer in silence. You are not alone. It's estimated that about half of all men aged 40 to 70 years in the United States are affected with ED to some degree. Most cases of ED are associated with common medical conditions, some medications used to treat these conditions, and certain lifestyle factors (smoking or excessive alcohol consumption) contribute to the problem. The good news is that erection problems can almost always be treated. One treatment is VIAGRA (sildenafil citrate), the now famous, painful permanent erection pill available by prescription, has been tremendously effective in solving this problem. But now there are natural solutions that provide a dramatic difference for us men. When taken in addition to VIAGRA, then can supercharge the sexual machinery and improve your entire state of wellness (until you explode through your skin from painful, permanent erection)!

    AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest AIDS healthcare, prevention and education provider in the United States is suing Pfizer, the producer of Viagra, accusing it of increasing the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases. "Pfizer's direct to consumer marketing of Viagra as a drug to enhance sexual performance is primarily aimed at men who don't necessarily suffer from a clinical diagnosis of erectile dysfunction," the group's president, Michael Weinstein, said in a statement. "We believe it is not only irresponsible, but also illegal, especially in light of the drug's known use as part of a 'circuit party cocktail' of drugs that is fueling the spread of STDs and HIV," he added. Viagra has become increasingly popular on the club circuit to counteract the side effect of erectile dysfunction associated with the use of party drugs such as ecstasy, amphetamine and crystal methamphetamine... AFP, SBS World News

    Moral: If you're a crackhead, then adding Viagra to your repetoire will only make your death more painful and embarrassing.

    The Secret Weapon Used By Home Run Superstar Mark McGwire That will Do More Than Improve Your Ball Game!

                It's Not Just Your Bat;
                It's The Amount Of Testosterone Behind It 
                That Makes A Difference!

    increase muscle mass, sexual drive

    During an interview with home run champion Mark McGwire, a reporter casually glanced into Mark's locker. Somewhat hidden on the back of the shelf was an innocent looking bottle. Curiously, the reporter craned his neck to see the label. "Androstenedione! So that's your secret," the reporter practically shouted. Everyone in the locker room looked around and was silent as McGwire drew back in surprise and shuttered a feeble, "So what!" The story became big news, but later McGwire successfully defended himself with a simple statement, "It's a legal and important nutritional supplement."

    Most people in the sports field are excited about androstenedione, (ASD) because it isn't dangerous like the infamous anabolic steroids. There is no heart or kidney danger. It doesn't induce breasts on men and facial hair on women. {It's just that the players are swinging their "bats" all day!}

    ASD Converts To Testosterone In Your Body

    Androstenedione is naturally produced in your body by the adrenal gland. The body immediately converts it to testosterone, and that's what the'athletes were looking much testosterone as possible. Testosterone makes you stronger, causes your muscles to grow, gives you more endurance, and last but far from least. It is the prime producer of your sexual abilities - like nothing else in your entire body.

    What Increases Testosterone 15% in 60 Minutes?

    Just recently, scientists found a way to synthesize or make an exact copy of ASD that can be taken orally in pill form. According to clinical tests, ASD increases your testosterone level by a whopping 24% on average within 60 to 90 minutes after taking it. That's why McGwire had it in his locker. Taken an hour before a game, ASD would increase his strength level dramatically by game time. And whammo! There goes another one out of the park.

    Here's why ASD is gold for older men: According to Dr Fernand Labrie's studies, the University Center Hospital in Canada, the amount of androgens you produce in your body steadily declines after you pass the age of 25. By the age of 80, you can expect your androgen level to be decreased by 40.8% to 72.8% (56.8% average).

    Androstenedione is one of those androgens, and its average drop is about 51%. Dr Jesse Berline of Harvard confirmed the correlation between ASD and Testosterone. He assisted Dr. Anna Grey of the New England Research Institute in examining the results of 88 published studies on age and testosterone.

    They found that the average decline of testosterone is 35% as you get older. Also, they reported that men with practically any kind of injury or illness have substantially lower Testosterone levels. This includes chronic illnesses, such as arthritis and diabetes.

    What decreases Sexual Desire and increases fat / Flab with Age?

    As your testosterone levels drop, your muscles shrink and fatty tissue increases-even with moderate exercise. Several university research centers, including University of California and Washington University (St. Louis), participated in studies on the effects of adding testosterone to men's diets.

    Muscles Increase 10% With No Exercise!

    Dr. S.B. Hasin reported they found the size of men's arm and leg muscles increased by almost 10% in just 10 weeks of supplementation without any exercise program. An important muscle it particularly strengthens is the heart muscle.

    Another study at the University of Southern California and the Veteran's Administration Hospital showed that testosterone has quite a few duties besides sexual and muscular enhancement. Dr. A.D. Mooradian reported it facilitates oxygen absorption in the bloodstream, strengthens the immune system, increases nerve growth in the brain and improves the synthesis of blood sugars.

    Testosterone Cream

    Impotent Men Have Low Testosterone

    Impotent men usually have very low testosterone levels, so low in some cases that the shrinkage of the penis and testicles is very noticeable. Urologists often give them Testosterone replacement therapy. Dr. J.S. Tenover of the University of Washington's Harborview Medical Research Center reported that impotent men receiving testosterone not only experienced enlargement of their penises and testicles, but they also had lower bad cholesterol and a decline in bone resorption (osteoporosis).

    Just like many women who have low estrogen level and get osteoporosis, men with low testosterone get the same bone-crippling disease. Osteoporosis severely undermines your whole structure, making falls more likely and, of course, when you fall, the brittle bones break very easily.

    Dr. C. Wang of UCLA Medical Center studied the psychological effects of testosterone replacement on impotent men and reported significant decreases in anger, irritability, sadness, nervousness and tiredness. The doctor also reported that the men had substantial increases in energy, friendliness and sense of well-being.

    If You Are Not Getting A Waking Erection, Look Out

    When your testosterone is low, the frequency of night and morning erections is also low. Most men don't pay any attention to this or simply attribute it to getting older.

    If you don't get a night or waking erection almost every day; then your testosterone level is too low -even if you are in your seventies! The reason for this is that around midnight, your testosterone level begins to rise and reaches a peak between 5 A.M. and 8 A.M. The exceptions include the times you've overindulged in alcohol, taken drugs, had extreme stress, or anxiety, illness or an injury.

    "Every woman looks good at 2 a.m.". Most men have joked that when they were younger, almost any woman looked good just before the bar closed or when the party was over. Well, there's a bit of fact to that joke; it's that midnight surge of testosterone, and I bet it brings back some memories.

    Do Men Get Periods?

    We men often make wisecracks about women on their periods. Well, the tables are turned when your testosterone gets extremely low, because you may experience many of the same things women do when their estrogen levels fall. Until recently, medical scientists failed to recognize the importance of testosterone outside the sexual arena. However, in the last decade, research has intensified, and some big surprises have been found.

    The most important surprise was that testosterone affects your overall health, and the lack of it makes you more susceptible to various diseases and ailments. Dr. Roger Loria says that numerous studies show that testosterone and ASD enhance your Immune system and deter or relieve numerous immune function diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, psoriasis and gout.

    Why should I Not Take Testosterone?

    Well, should you run out and get some testosterone? The answer is a serious "No!" A few decades ago, scientists studied the effects of injecting synthetic testosterone in to aged animals and men. At first, tests on rats looked promising. Old rats had new sexual vigor and performed like they were young again.

    However, when the scientists began testing on large animals and men, they were surprised. They discovered that although testosterone levels increased, renewed sexual interest and ability was exhibited by very few of the test subjects. A man might see his testosterone levels drop! Why?

    Because testosterone levels are not steady when administered by injection. They may initially be high but they fall back. Plus, injections carry an enormous risk for liver problems, blood thickening and even acne. Medical researchers have learned a lot over the years from helping postmenopausal women with estrogen therapy. They've found that tinkering with the hormonal system is a delicate affair. There are many unwanted side effects, and although estrogen therapy is very successful today, it is far from perfect.

    Successful testosterone therapy without side effects is similar to trying to throw a nail through the spokes of a moving bicycle wheel. If your toss is just right, then everything works great. Usually, it's not. For that reason, you can't buy testosterone without a prescription. The scientists concluded that they needed something else that stimulated sexual drive and ability, something that worked naturally with the body - a "trigger" to boost testosterone. However, men are very lucky because scientists have been able to synthesize the main precursor to testosterone-Androstenedione (ASD).

    How much time does ASD Testosterone Precursor need to take effect?

    Men who take ASD usually start feeling the difference almost immediately. It works with your body naturally to increase the levels of testosterone. Increased testosterone levels make you feel more male and sexier.

    Many people assume that sex is over at 50 and resign themselves to a sexless destiny. This attitude is in part fueled by jokes and folklore and our modern society's glorification of youth. The truth is that often people are sexually active throughout their entire lives. Our sexuality is nature's gift to us, and is important for our well-being. Sex makes us feel good physically and emotionally.

    Sex, especially in a loving relationship, nourishes the bonding between mates. It provides us with feelings of being loved, secure, competent, and powerful. Sex is a good form of exercise, providing a workout for muscles, joints, and the cardiovascular system. It also causes the body to produce the endorphins, which give us a natural high and increase the functioning of the immune system, making us better able to resist infection and illness. The body produces endorphins in response to laughter, orgasms, exercise and relaxation.

    What do clinical studies of ASD Testosterone Precursor tell us?

    Dr. N.E. Skakkebaek reported in the journal Clinical Endocrinology that totally impotent men, with little or no interest in sex, experienced vast increases in sexual interest within one week, and after two weeks,they began having orgasms again.

    Dr. Jan Davidson of the Stanford University Medical Center said, "We have concluded that the stimulatory effects of testosterone on sexual activity are rapid, reliable and not due to the placebo effect."

    Your Body Is Smarter Than The M.D.s

    Androstenedione (ASD) works beautifully because the body, being much smarter than doctors, makes just the right amount of testosterone that it needs. There's no guess'ork. That's why no p'escription is required. It's safe, and there are no side effects. But there is another component that is necessary for it to work.

    Why does Androstenedione (ASD) Require Zinc?

    Often, low levels of testosterone are due to in part to the food we eat. The male sex organs use more Zinc than any other part of the body. It's no wonder then that so many men have sexual problems, according to professor emeritus Denham Harman, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Nebraska school of Medicine. He said, "Some 90% of the population consume diets deficient in zinc."

    How Zinc Improves Your Sex Life

    Zinc, 50mg

    The reason for lack of zinc in our diets (from commercial produce) is soil depletion. The plants we eat extract zinc from the soil, yet commercial fertilizers don't replace zinc. Over many decades of farming, no zinc is left in the soil.

    Dr. Earl Mindell, the famous pharmacologist and best-selling author,says: "If there's any Zinc in raw food, most of it is lost in processing and cooking the food". Zinc deficiency in children causes delayed sexual development, according to studies done by Dr. S.Z. Ghavami at the Pediatric Department of New York's Nassau County Medical Center. Dr. U. Mehta reported in the India Journal of Experimental Biology that clinical tests showed the testicles and penises of animals atrophied (shrank) when fed diets devoid of zinc. They also exhibited no desire to mate. In other studies, the testosterone levels of men given zinc supplements increased dramatically, according to Dr. A.T. Crockett of the University of Rochester School of Medicine.

    In a clinical study published in the medical journal Andrologia, Dr. H.G. Kynaston showed that infertile men given zinc supplements for four to eight weeks produced 45% more sperm than before the treatment. Zinc also stops the pituitary gland from producing prolactin, according to research done by Dr. Alan Judd at the University of Virginia Medical School. Prolactin stops testosterone production and causes dihydrotestoserone (DHT) to be produced instead. DHT is the main culprit responsible for prostate enlargement-the male sex organ's deadliest enemy.

    The most interesting aspect of zinc is that in order for the body to convert ASD to testosterone, Zinc must be present. Obviously, taking ASD by itself is probably useless. But taking a zinc supplement is not very effective because plain zinc is not absorbed well by the stomach. Especially as we get older.

    What are natural Testosterone Precursors?

    Lycopene 66mg

    LYCOPENE: Another nutrient called "lycopene," which is found in tomatoes is apparently very important for sexual health. The testicles contain more lycopenes than any other part of the body, but impotent men have very low levels.

    This nutrient is the world's champion antioxidant, hundreds of time more powerful than vitamins C, E and the former champion, pycnogenol, or grape seed extract. Antioxidants are one of the most important keys to longevity.

    Dr. Steven Clinton of Harvard Medical School reported that 154 clinical studies of lycopenes substantially proved that this nutrient is a very strong player in the deterrence of heart disease and tumors of the prostate, stomach and colon.

    This may be why men in the Mediterranean area, where tomatoes are a regular part of their daily diets, have a very low incidence of prostate problems, when compared to men in other countries.

    4-ANDROSTENEDIOL: This is ASD's Important Big Brother. Many months before the press reported that McGwire was taking ASD, news of the importance of ASD spread through the athletic community, and several nutritional supplement manufacturers rushed a crude form of ASD to market.

    Since then, clinical studies have shown that ASD works better when combined with its brother 4-androstenediol. In combination, they produce a more regulated and effective flow of testosterone.

    "I Didn't Believe 't Until I Saw It!"

    The Revolution caused by Epimedioum sagittatum -"Horny Goat Weed"

    "The goats went wild sexually when they ate the leaves from an Epimedioum sagittatum plant" (a weed native to China called Horny Goat Weed)

    - Gary S. Ross, M.D.

    This plant is native to China. Up until a few years ago, China was almost a closed society. Tourists seldom visited except those that spoke Chinese, and outside of government officials, few people inside were granted exit visas to visit other countries. Medical science completely ignored this country because its entire medical treatment system is based on herbs and holistic medicine.

    In the past 10 years, conditions and attitudes have changed dramatically. China is encouraging tourism with modern hotels and multilingual tour guides. In America, the attitude about medicine has made an about-face as well, with over 65% of the population now using some type of alternative medicine, which usually includes herbs. The change in the medical field was brought onsolely by the frequent failure of modern chemical drugs to cure the majority of common diseases. Now, drug company scientists, as well as other medical researchers, are avidly studying herbal remedies from around the world.

    Horny Goat Weed 900 mg

    Although China has the most extensive catalog of herbal medicines of any country and very rigorously recorded instructions for their use, it has been difficult for American and European scientists to understand Chinese medicine.

    The reason for this is that the Chinese generally treat the whole body for any particular disease such as the affectual organ tracts throughout the body known as "meridians" and the systemic reactions between the organs - they also use esoteric inferences such as "yin, yang, warm, cool, moist, sour, sweet," etcetera, to classify the effects of the herbs.

    Most foreign scientists thought ginseng was China's only sexual stimulant even though the Chinese don't refer to it in that way. No research was done on the effects of the "horny goat weed" until recently, when a Chinese scientist compared it to VIAGRA.

    Which Weed Gives Scientists A Big Surprise?

    "Sex Originates In The Brain". That comment really captured the interest of American scientists and they jumped enthusiastically into testing it- and what an amazing surprise they found!

    Desire for sex originates in the brain, and most scientists believed that your thoughts were solely responsible for the desire. Well, guess again. R. Teegaurden reported that Epimedium sagittatum seemed to stimulate nerves throughout the body, particularly in the genital region. This was determined with elaborate testing procedures using laboratory animals. However, any old Chinese farmer could have shown them the same thing quickly at much less expense. Just lead a herd of goats to a patch of Epimedium, wait about 20 minutes, and they will be happily copulating.

    Why Goats?

    Learn more about epimediums

    Epimedium affects all animals and man in the same way, but goats discovered the weed because they have notoriously weird eating habits. They will eat practically anything and have often been seen chewing on tin cans. The edges of an Epimedium leaf are covered with sharp needles, so most animals avoid them. The horny old goats know a good thing when they see it and chomp up the needles, leaves, and all. Epimedium is the latinate translated from the Chinese medical pinyin terminology as "the herb for the man that likes sex too much, like a goat."

    What are the Side Effects of Horny Goat Weed?

    The brain is an incredibly complex mechanism, and even with all our technology, science is still perplexed by a myriad of unknowns related to brain activity. Besides its effects on the sensory nerves that create desire, Epimedium has an androgen-like influence on the testes, prostate gland, and certain muscles, which in turn influences sexual desire and activity.

    Horny Goat Weed Will Lower Blood Pressure Only If It's High

    In fact, it has some great side benefits; it slightly increases testosterone levels in men, but even better, Dr. H.M. Chang reported that it has often been used to treat elevated blood pressure at different stages. It doesn't lower the blood pressure of people with normal or low blood pressure. It simply normalizes the system. Dr. H.J. Liao reported that when Epimedium was given to totally impotent men in a carefully controlled study at General Hospital in Beijing, it normalized the potency of the majority of the men.

    A 2% Weight Loss

    Other studies showed that participants have experienced normalization of their "bad" (LDL) and "good" (HDL) cholesterol levels and that 74.6% of chronic bronchitis sufferers have benefited. Most Chinese doctors also include Epimedium when treating anyone with kidney problems.

    How Blood Pressure & Bronchitis Sufferers Have Benefitted from Horny Goat Weed

    The prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences concluded that Epimedium is a relaxing yet sexually invigorating herb that should be used regularly to slow down the aging process, but they warned that it should not be used by men who have a hyperactive sex drive. But for those of us who are over 35, that's not usually the case.

    Very Little Sexual Activity Can Reduce Your Life Span & Increase Health Problems!

    According to the British Medical Journal, staying sexually active can be a lifesaver for older men; it cut their mortality risk by a whopping 51% in an extensive study by prominent scientist Dr. George Smith. Sexual problems are associated with unsatisfying personal experiences and relationships, lack of physical and emotional satisfaction, and low feelings of happiness. The conclusion is that there is a "strong association between sexual dysfunction and impaired quality of life," and that sexual dysfunction "warrants recognition as a public health concern."

    Which Comes First: Lack of Sexual Interest, Inability to Perform or Bad Health?

    Finally, medical scientists are looking at the whole person for answers to health problems, and what they are finding is truly amazing. The famous author Norman Cousins, when diagnosed with cancer, refused chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

    Instead, he acquired every comedy film and video he could find, along with a collection of joke books. Then, he spent his days and nights laughing as he watched and read. Within a few months, his cancer was in remission.

    Joseph Heller, author of the famous novel and movie Catch-22, conquered the nerve disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome with laughter and went on to write a book about it entitled "No Laughing Matter."

    The Mayo Clinic conducted a 30-year study of 1,100 people and found that optimists lived 19% longer than pessimists. It appears that our attitude is of paramount importance when it comes to health because there are literally hundreds of stories of people beating cancer without drugs or radiation - through determination and a positive attitude.

    Scientists who have interviewed large numbers of older men have found a pattern. First, sexual interest declines, then performance becomes a problem and soon, health begins to deteriorate - sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Less than 20% of older men reported health problems prior to diminished sexuality.

    The reason for this becomes obvious when you think of how a satisfying sexual experience makes us feel. It makes us happy and pleased withourselves and gives us a greater sense of well-being - not to mention the benefits to our cardiovascular circulation.

    On the other hand, lack of sexual activity affects our attitude about life. Some people feel the difference consciously, but, for most, it is a subconscious effect. Not feeling like a man and having less to live for creates an overall negativeness in our attitude.

    Scientists confirm that we can have sexual interest and ability well into our nineties, and it is not impossible to find men active at that age. The key is to stimulate our desire and punch up our ability to perform. Today, that can be done with some very special nutrients that will make you feel the wonderful sexual excitement again.

    How can The Prostate Gland be a Male Sexuality Killer?

    There's one condition that every man over the age of 50 is in danger of getting that will dramatically decrease your sexual desire and ability simply due to the discomfort it causes. This is an enlarged prostate. A severely enlarged prostate will stop any sexual desire, and if you have to have surgery, the possibilities of having a normal sex life afterward are extremely low.

    How to Avoid an Enlarged Prostate Gland

    Saw Palmetto Extract, 320 mg

    SERENOA REPENS: The most effective preventive as well as treatment was found many centuries ago by American Indian medicine men in a plant called Serenoa repens. All of our modern drugs and surgeries can't come close to the success achieved with Serenoa.

    A massive multicenter study of Serenoa was done at nine medical research centers with 37 prominent scientists participating and hundreds of men with prostate problems being treated. They concluded that Sereno significantly relieved the prostate problems of almost 90% of those treated. The other 10% had apparently let the problem progress to the point where it was untreatable.

    Prevents Dangerous Surgery

    Scientist and best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil stated, "I've had real success in relieving enlarged prostates with Serenoa in patients who were candidates for surgery."

    Dr. Alan Gaby conducted a double-blind test of Serenoa against the highly advertised prescription drug usually prescribed for prostate disorders. He concluded that Serenoa was definitely superior. A massive multi-center study of Serenoa was done at nine medical research centers with 37 prominent scientists participating and hundreds of men with prostate problems being treated. They concluded that Serenoa significantly relieved the prostate problems of almost 90% of those treated. The other 10% had apparently let the problem progress to the point where it was untreatable. (They cannot urinate without a catheter tube insertion).

    The beauty of Serenoa is that it stops the accumulation of DHT, which is the primary cause of prostate disorders. Every man over the age of 50 should be taking it every day as a preventive of this terrible problem.

    What is the purpose of Lecithin?

    Lecithin, 1200 mg

    LECITHIN: It is a fatty food substance, which serves as a structural material for every cell in the body. It is an essential constituent of the human brain and nervous system. It forms 30 per cent of the dry weight of the brain and 17 per cent of the nervous system. Lecithin is also an important component of the endocrine glands and the muscles of the heart and kidneys. It makes up 73 per cent of the total liver fat. Nervous, mental or glandular over activity can consume lecithin faster than its replacement.

    This may render a person irritable and exhausted. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to add lecithin to the diet, if the body's own supply decreases as in old age or working under stress.

    The action of lecithin on the heart is the most important of all its proved benefits. It achieved its popularity initially in this area. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that tends to collect in the walls ofthe arteries and veins, thus narrowing them. This may eventually lead to a fatal blood clot.

    Scientific studies have shown that lecithin has the ability to break up cholesterol into small particles which can be easily handled by the system. With sufficient intake of lecithin, cholesterol cannot build up against the walls of the arteries and veins.

    Like cholesterol, lecithin is continuously produced in the liver, passes into the intestine with bile and is absorbed in the blood. It helps in the transportation of fats. It also helps the cells to remove fats and cholesterol from the blood and to utilize them. It increases the production of bile acids made from cholesterol, thereby reducing the amount in the blood. It will thus be seen that cholesterol can cause trouble only if lecithin is lacking in the system.

    All arterioscleroses or changes in the arterial walls are characterized by an increased of the blood cholesterol and a decrease in lecithin. It has been shown that experimental heart disease, produced by feeding cholesterol, could be prevented merely by giving a small quantity of lecithin.

    Arteriosclerosis has been produced in various species of animals by increasing the blood cholesterol or decreasing the lecithin. Besides reducing the cholesterol level in the blood, there is mounting scientific evidence to suggest several other benefits from lecithin. It has been suggested that its intake in sufficient amounts can help rebuild those cells and organs, which need it. Lecithin helps to maintain their health once they are repaired.

    It may mean that a deficiency of lecithin in the diet may be one of the causes of aging and that its use may be beneficial in retarding the aging process. Lecithin has been suggested as a sexual aid. It was used in Germany 30 years ago as a restorative of sexual powers, for glandular exhaustion and nervous and mental disorders. Seminal fluid is rich in lecithin. Because of its loss from the body, its need for men is regarded as especially great.

    Magnesium is considered the "anti-stress" mineral.

    Magnesium Citrate, 400 mg

    It is a natural tranquilizer, as it functions to relax skeletal muscles as well as the smooth muscles of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract. (While calcium stimulates muscle contraction, magnesium relaxes them.) Because of its influence on the heart, magnesium is considered important in preventing coronary artery spasm, a significant cause of heart attacks. Spasms of the blood vessels lead to insufficient oxygen supply through them and pain, injury, or death of the muscle tissue that they nourish.

    To function optimally, magnesium must be balanced in the body with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium chloride. For example, with low magnesium, more calcium flows into the vascular muscle cells, which contracts them-leading to tighter vessels and higher blood pressure. Adequate magnesium levels prevent this.

    Magnesium ensures the strength and firmness of the bones, and it makes the teeth harder. Adequate intake of magnesium counteracts acidity, poor circulation and glandular disorders. It is important in the production and transfer of energy, in muscle contraction and relaxation, in nerve conduction, in protein synthesis, and in many biochemical reactions as acofactor to enzymes. Magnesium is also thought to dilate the blood vessels. All of this can affect your longevity and sexual ability.

    Here's How You can Keep An Active Sex Life As Long As YOU Like

    Here are comments that will give you an idea of how these products can work for you:

    "I take a normal dose and it seems to give me increased vitality and strength. It takes away my lethargy and makes me look forward to havingsex. If I took it as often as the prescribed dosage, my wife wouldn't have any rest!"

    D. McGovern, Victorville, CA

    "The pleasure these holistic male enhancers have brought to my sex life is indescribable. Thank you."

    J. Freed, Oceanside, CA

    "I have found that I have been having more energy and a stronger drive with increased arousal. I hope to see more improvement in the days ahead."

    R. Rosellini, Pahrump, NV

    "I can't go without it. It's made a new man out of me. I take it everyday to make sure I have enough backing when I need it. I'm 75, but feel like 40 since I bean taking these natural supplements. It sure improved my sexdrive, above and beyond the Viagra alone and I'm very happy to regain my manhood."

    C. Patawaran, Pearl City, HI

    "At age 84, I just didn't have any desire for sex. The natural supplements have changed my life and I feel like it's given me'a zest for living. My sexlife is fantastic. I highly recommend it."

    S. Baris, Henderson, NV

    "After using natural supplements, I was amazed at how soon I could feel its effects. It reminds me of feelings I had in my younger days of long ago. I actually do feel younger. I can truthfully state that using natural supplements works, and fast."

    W. Holder, Broomfield, CO

    "I am in my mid-70s and had lost my ability to have an erection. Since taking these natural male energy stimulants, this has improved greatly, with more energy and no side effects."

    B. Hagan, Deerfield Beach, FL

    "It took 4 to 5 days to see a real change, but after that the sex drive and performance was like I was in my 30s. After hurting my back I had no sexual drive, but that has changed now. Thank you."

    J. Burden, Riverton, WY

    "After taking the pill, I find enhanced sex drive and stability,sharpened sexual reflexes overall, improved energy, and a sense ofwell-being. Thanks for a great product.

    J. Bebo, Jamestown, ND

    "After taking natural male enhancers for my all around health and well being, I found that there was more sexual desire and my wife has noticed the difference in me. We enjoy our love making much more and more often as well. Our marriage is much nicer now. It gave us a real lift."

    R. Carleton, Pittsford, VT

    "I couldn't believe the difference after taking it. In just a short time, my energy level increased, and sex has become more fulfilling. Ifeel younger and my attitude is more positive, making life more fulfilling and my sex life like it used to be."

    L. Martin, Columbus, OH

    Live Healthy - Live Safely

    You'll see how this powerful combination increases your sex drive, improves your sense of well-being and and boosts your sexual performance.

    Sexual potency is related to feelings of power, competence, self-confidence and a healthy sense of narcissism. When sexual potency begins to wane, the man may feel that he is losing control of himself, of his mind, his body, and of being able to influence his world.

    This simple effect can lead to anxiety, depression and an inability to function in the world from an interpersonal, business and professional level. When this happens the man suffers, and usually the people in his life, especially his wife, suffer as well. Horny goat weed can reverse this negative ripple effect.

    Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, a Nazi type organization which would prefer to favor the greedy pharmaceutical companies. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication.

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