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Organic yields rival conventional yields for some crops
Farms that avoid synthetic fertilizers or pesticides can be just as productive as conventional farms, according to a multi-year comparison of cropping systems in Wisconsin. The study found that crop yields were just as high, both in volume and in quality, for organic alfalfa as for conventional alfalfa. Yields for organic corn, soybeans, and winter wheat were about 90 percent as high as conventional yields. The major limitation on organic yields was weeds. The study concluded that diverse, low-input farming systems (farms that grow a variety of crops and avoid using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers) can match the production of the conventional farming systems that dominate the Midwest today. Read the study in Agronomy Journal.

The basic theory of the new Organic Tank System is that the nutritional value of a food, including its content of vitamins and minerals, depends on the mineral content of the soil, and on a sufficient supply of moisture by means of which soil minerals are conveyed to the roots of plants.

By filling long tanks with a special soil mixture containing various powdered rock and seaweed material, and by providing such tanks with a system of continual, circulating irrigation, it is possible to provide plants with optimal conditions of mineral nourishment, thereby enabling them to create superior quantities of vitamins. One of the Super Vegetables thus produced should be able to provide the quantity of vitamins and minerals otherwise provided by a very much greater quantity of ordinary vegetables.

One of the reasons why many people today overeat is because foods fail to provide them with the trace minerals and vitamins they require. This causes a chronic condition of "hidden hunger" which plentiful eating of demineralized foods fails to appease. In fact their cells are in a state of "inner starvation" and their endocrine glands degenerate from trace mineral deficiency, causing the pre�mature appearance of old age. When the cells of the body fail to obtain essential trace minerals from foods, both body and brain degenerate. Premature old age is the most common symptom of such degeneration.

Uncheese Party

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Morningland Dairy, Mountain View, MO, is under orders by the FDA and the Milk Board to destroy 50,000 lbs of cheese that has never been tested for pathogens. Since they can?t sell it, friends and supporters are rallying to sponsor this cheese, so the family won?t lose their farm. That is why it is called an uncheese party. By sponsoring a cheese you are making a non-tax deductible gift of love, aid and comfort to a farm in distress.

Morningland Dairy is just the latest attempt by the FDA to fulfill the Healthy People 2020 objective to kill raw dairy. Morningland is owned by Joseph and Denise Dixon, who operate the cheese plant and make raw cheese from cows kept right on the property and managed by one of their eldest daughters. They have 12 children, 4 of who still live at home, and they have been actively engaged in real food for three decades. They were caught up in the Rawesome Raid dragnet and many believe the questionable California Dept of Food and Agriculture tests on their cheese are the legal justification for the multi-agency guns drawn raid at Rawesome.

FDA is trying very hard to kill our nation?s local food supply. This is the time for us, the people who grow wholesome food, and consumers of wholesome food, to stand up and say "Enough!". By sponsoring a block of cheese you will be contributing to the Dixon?s potential legal expenses.

Our goal is to raise $250,000.00, the value of the cheese that is under embargo.

For more information visit:

P.S. Raw milk from healthy cows and raw milk consumption have existed for many millenia in human culture and has always been associated with maintaining good health. Chronic ailments and Sickness are only associated with corporate raised cows and pasteurized milk.

The FDA is a gestapo. Period. The FDA is guilty of terrorism on Innocent American Citizens and Book Burning dating back to Dr. Wilhelm Reich's esoteric research in curing cancer. If we allow FDA tyranny to go unchecked, then the USA is no better than Nazi Germany.



Page 42-43, Are The New Super Sprays Endangering Your Health?

(You can click on any of the ingredients listed for the mineralized soil to see options for purchasing over the web.)

In the last chapter, we discussed several ways to solve the spray poison problem, and mentioned that one way out of the dilemma is to grow one`s own foods. We shall now describe a very practical method by which this can be done-even by city dwellers who have no back yard or garden space, but who have a roof.* The idea was acquired while traveling a certain part of Ecuador where there was no rainfall, and where it was impossible to irrigate from wells. People there grew their fresh greens in long tanks which they filled with rich soil and kept moist. In this way they always had a supply of fresh lettuce and other greens.

The Organic Tank Gardening method differs from hydroponics in that, while vegetables are grown in tanks, no chemicals are used. Instead, various natural and colloidal mineral compounds are mixed with the soil in the tanks, as well as seaweed material, wood ashes, etc. Colloidal phosphate, which is a prehistoric marine deposit containing over twenty minerals, should be added also to the soil mixture, plus powdered GRANITE. Ground dried seaweed is quite soluble and supplies potash, plus many trace minerals. Hardwood ashes are a good source of potash, calcium and other natural minerals. These natural mineral fertilizers should be mixed with rich soil and sources of vegetable humus, as leaf mold, peat moss, etc. Such a combination provides a balanced plant food and can produce vegetables extremely high in vitamins and minerals, which are RESISTANT to insects and disease and which need no spraying.

After filling the tank, which should be waterproof, with the proper soil mixture, the next step is to arrange for a system of irrigation. This should be based on the idea that the water that enters the upper part of the tank, after passing through it and dissolving natural, organic minerals, should be collected and then circulated over again, supplying valuable plant food that is immediately available. One method of doing this is to place a reservoir, or barrel, at the upper end of the tank, which should be slightly inclined toward the lower end, where there should be an outlet from where the water leaves and is collected in another barrel, placed in a hole in the ground. Then the water from the lower barrel can be either pumped back to the upper barrel and used over again, which can be done with a fish tank electric pump, or it can be transferred by hand by means of a pail.

Where one has more than one tank, a common barrel of reservoir at the upper end can supply all tanks by rubber tubing, whose outlet should be subject to control by means of a valve that can be opened or shut to permit more or less water to flow. The tank should be kept moist at all times, but not too wet. The combination of an abundance of vegetable humus (NO ANIMAL MANURE SHOULD BE USED), plus an abundance of trace minerals of organic and rock origin, and plenty of water, together with sunshine, * provide the basis condition for producing vegetables, melons, berries, corn, etc. or superior nutritional value, many times richer in vitamins and minerals than foods not supplied with continual moisture. A single super vegetable thus produced should be equivalent, in vitamin and mineral value, to many similar vegetables produced by the old-fashion method, especially when chemical fertilizers were employed, since these lead to the presence of chemical residues in vegetables which interfere with the proper assimilation of their minerals and vitamins.

By the Organic Tank Gardening method, super-vitaminized and super-mineralized foods may be produced, capable of forming a super race. These foods will be so rich in nutrients that much less of them need be eaten, and consequently grown, than old-fashioned foods. The new emphasis will be on quality, rather than quantity. (Imagine eating delicious vitamin and mineral rich veggies from your garden rather than just swallowing pills from a bottle!) Recognition of the fact that the new tank method of raising foods in continually irrigated mineralized soils will create foods far superior to those grown by the aid of composts containing animal manure will cause many health seekers to establish tank gardens, in order to raise their own home-grown supply of greens, etc. This will also provide an interesting hobby or pastime. Such tanks can be placed on roofs, porches or anywhere around one`s house.

Those who do not want to give plants fluoridated and chemicalized city water may fill the barrel that supplies their water with spring water, purchasing a few 5 gallon bottles for this purpose (see information on fluoride). Since this same water can be used over and over again by circulating through the tanks, it should not be expensive to use. Foods grown in this manner will be free from chemicals and poisons and produce better health in the consumer than ordinary chemically fertilized, sprayed vegetables grown in the open. (Beware of companies who label their product "spring water;" it may actually be tap water. Another way is to chelate out the fluoride in your drinking water with gypsum. There is a product which I use in my huge veggie garden called "Soil Buster;" it comes in 25 lb. bags and is 70% gypsum including trace metals and minerals. The gypsum chelates out the fluoride (from NaF in solution: CaSO4·2H2O + 2Na+ + 2F- ® CaF2 + 2NaOH + H2) and it tends to remain as a precipitate deep in the soil as naturally occuring, highly insoluable calcium fluoride (CaF2) leaving the vegetables relatively unscathed.)

* When this was written, I don't think plant grow lights were available to use during the winter months with tanks located in warm rooms, which now makes it possible in the northern climates.

* The capitalizations of words within the text are my emphasis.

* I've designed an inexpensive tank that`s easy to assemble. It has room for seven square feet of vegetables, wheat grass, or just about anything you wish to place on your table for dinner. It`s easy to maintain and fun to watch your plants grow quickly, knowing they`re rich in all the nutrients your body normally requires. In my soil I use minerals, but no chemicals of any kind. I've yet to see any insects looking for a handout. These little buggers normally feed on plants with few nutrients grown in dead soil. This is like the bugs in your body, which do their best to get rid of your waste. Both are doing what they were designed to do.

Materials: (Legend: foot ~ ', inch ~ ")

1- 4x8' new or used �" or �" plywood sheet.

3 straight 2"x2"x8' pine or other inexpensive wood boards.

1 lb. 1 5/8" plaster board screws.

1 pt. wood glue.

128 sq. in. fiberglass screen wire.

1 box thumb tacks.

16"x7' waxed butcher paper.

1- 5 gallon bucket.

Assembly: There`s an old saying: Measure twice, cut once.

Cut 1x4' off the plywood sheet and set aside.

Mark lengthwise 4- 1x3' sections across the plywood sheet.

Cut these sections and label them #1, #2, #3, #4.

Cut 1' off of 2 of the 2"x2"x8' sticks.

Place them under plywood #2, carefully lining them up flush with the plywood`s outer edge.

Screw the plywood to the 2x2"s, 1 screw every 6".

In plywood #3, drill 2- 1" holes, 1 1/2" from one end and 4" from the side edges.

Drill 3 more holes on each side, 4" from the edges, evenly spaced to leave 8" at the other end (far end).

With 2x2"s face up, line #2 with waxed butcher paper.

Place #3 on top of #2 and screw the plywood to the 2x2"s every 4". Make sure the screws are sunk into the plywood, but the screw heads do not extend above the board, and be careful not to twist the screw heads off when driving them in. You've just sandwiched the 2x2`s creating a false bottom.

assembling garden box with wax paper sleuce

Screw #1 and #4 to the 2x2s to form an open box without ends. Place screws every 4.

Cover the entire open box end with the holes 8 in (far end) by lining up one end of the 1'x4' piece of plywood.

Mark the 1'x4' board and cut, then tack it to end of box with 4 screws in each corner.

At the other end, mark the remaining plywood to leave a 2"x8" opening for drainage at the bottom of the box. You'll see the butcher paper and into the false bottom. Tack this end.

open end garden box with sleuce

Cut the last 2"x2"x8' stick into 5- 9" lengths and 2- 12" lengths.

With screws 3" apart, secure 4 lengths vertically in the box corners, screwing from the outside through the plywood.

With 3 screws, secure the fifth piece across the bottom at the completely enclosed end (far end), screwing from the outside. The drain end will have no cross piece.

Run a bead of wood glue around the inner bottom edge sealing any cracks.

Let glue dry and reapply where cracks still exist. You may use sawdust to fill any large cracks and then glue over it, rubbing glue into cracks. Cut fiberglass screen into 4 squares and thumbtack over drain holes.

Place the2- 2"x2"x12" pieces, 28" from each end, across the top. They will hold the sides together at the top. Use 2 screws to secure each end of each piece (8 screws).

You now have your first Organic Tank Gardening box like I use. If you decide to assemble a two-foot wide box, then figure the necessary material accordingly.

Garden box already filled with mineral soil chop suey built upon wooden stand - notice the the finer dust is on top while the the coarser duster is planted lower.

Place your tank box on anything substantial that will hold it 22" above the surface you desire to use. This will allow room to place a five-gallon bucket at a slightly tilted, lower end where the drain outlet is (2x8" space) to catch the water that flows through the soil. You reuse the water by pouring it back over the soil in the box.

example of garden box with five gallon buckets to catch drain water.
another example of garden box on slightly tilted wooden stand to allow drainage.

(Were those instructions confusing? Don't worry. This is only a guideline. All you are really doing is building a large planter box with a sleuce and tilting it slightly towards your designated drain hole to allow drainage of your precious mineral water into containers for recycling. The garden box will eventually need more water due to evaporation (the minerals don't evaporate, chem wiz). If you are especially handy, you can also build in a small water pump that constantly irrigates your garden box. The main component of this garden box is the soil mixture.)

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Planter Box Materials List:

1- 4x8' new or used �" or �" plywood sheet.
3 straight 2"x2"x8' pine or other inexpensive wood boards.
1 lb. 1 5/8" plaster board screws.
1 pt. wood glue.
128 sq. in. fiberglass screen wire.
1 box thumb tacks.
16"x7' waxed butcher paper.
1- 5 gallon bucket.

(WARNING: Please follow the directions on the package label rather than the proportions below for equal quantities of soil in your project until further notice:)
Topsoil Ingredients for 7 sq. ft. x 9 ft. Tank Box:

20 cups of Florida soft rock phosphate
20 cups of Azomite
1 cup of Algit, Norwegian kelp meal
40 cups of fine granite

Instructions at

Notes on topsoil ingredients:

20 cups of Florida soft rock phosphate.

(Comment: Beware of Rock Phosphate containing soluable fluorides; this can be a much higher concentration than artificially fluoridated water at 1 ppm. If the rock phosphate has been processed with sulfuric acid in the presence of halides, this leads to soluable, radical fluorides that dissolve quickly in solution (calcium fluoride and sulfuric acid make calcium sulfate and hydrogen fluoride (Hydrofluoric acid), ie: CaF2 + H2SO4 ® CaSO4 + 2 HF); this depends on how it was mined by the industrial processors. Nature buried calcium fluoride and made it relatively insoluable, a heavy precipitate, so that Florida's indigenous plants don't absorb it. Industrial Fertilizer processors use sulfuric acids and heat to trap the fluoride out of the mined rock phosphate in scrubbers to make phosphate fertilizer and animal feed supplements for commercial agricultural use because these aren't allowed to have much fluoride as is present naturally in the rock (See article on acid mine drainage). The trapped fluorosilicates from the scrubbers are then bagged and sold for water fluoridation. This is only one method of deriving fluoride. Fluoride waste products and catalysts are a normal product of greedy, life-negative industrial operations. See how fluoride catalysts are used for making nuclear bombs...)

How to be sure you have healthy soft rock phosphate? Put a few grains in a cup of your spring water and wait 24 hours. If there is no noticeable change - GOOD. If the grains have dissolved in any way - then they are BAD; find another source.

20 cups of Azomite.

1 cup of Algit, Norwegian kelp meal.

40 cups of fine granite, no bigger than the size of Perlite, preferably dust size like the Azomite.

Mix well with the soil before you put the soil in your box. You may have to fill the box first, empty it into a mixing container, and refill the box. This can be done in segments with the proper proportions used for each segment. I also throw in a few earthworms.


Florida soft rock phosphate and Algit kelp,, or 1-888-784-1722. Azomite.

Rock dust can be obtained from: (Canada Only) or 250-442-3745)

The London Ontario Canada seller is at:

I'm sure you'll find, as I have, this method is fantastic for growing your organic vegetables. One of the features is that, with a grow lamp, you can have vegetables all year long if you place your tank box inside a warm enclosure. I'm trying to convince my wife to allow one of our tank boxes in our laundry room. I haven't made much progress yet, but I'm pretty persistent and will keep trying. Thank you and have a high quality, abundant crop.

Tracy Jones
e-mail: tracysway @

For convenience a word document on the construction portion of this post is available here.

BOGO 50% off

Organic Super Foods produced in mineralized tanks will be able to prevent and correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies much better than can artificial concentrates. Rather than subsisting on mineral deficient foods and then using vitamin and mineral concentrates to overcome their deficiencies, one should obtain in all the vitamins and minerals one requires, in a natural, organic form, by raising one's own Organic Super Foods in mineralized tanks.

Such tanks may be kept on roofs of city buildings, or on porches or around one's house or in one's back yard. They may be made of boards and should be waterproof, so that the irrigating solution that is applied on top runs off from the bottom so that it may be conveyed or collected, and later used over again. For this purpose it is important that the tank slopes downward a little, with a drain at the lower end. The water that escapes should not be thrown away, but conserved and returned to the upper reservoir from which the tanks receive their irrigating solution. This solution will contain colloidal minerals dissolved from the seaweed and powdered rock material in the tank through which it passes, as well as what is derived from the soil itself. This method differs from hydroponics in that no chemicals are used, for chemicals create foods of inferior nutritional and health value, even if normal in appearance or of commercial value.

The soil mixture in the tanks should be composed of soil, sand, humus (peat moss, leaf mold, etc.), wood ashes, powdered rock, lime�stone, rock phosphate, colloidal phosphate, marl, ground dried seaweed, etc. Do not use piped city water, but spring or well water in the upper reservoir; and no water that was chlorinated, aluminized or fluoridated. From the upper reservoir the water is led to the upper part of each tank, by a carefully regulated stream that does not flow too fast or too slow, but just enough to keep the soil in the tank moist at all times, but not too wet.

At the bottom of each tank, gravel of varying degrees of fine�ness or coarseness should be placed in layers, the coarser at the bottom and the finer on top, so that there will be good drainage and that the solution applied above may be collected from the lower end of the downward sloping tank, and then used over and over again. Each time that it is used, the solution will become richer and richer in minerals.

Plants grown under such exceptional conditions will be better-fed than ordinary plants and their diet will be richer in minerals, enabling them to produce more vitamins. In 'this way it will be possible to create Organic Super Foods, exceptionally high in vitamins and minerals, more so than is possible in the open ground where soil minerals, dissolved and leached by irrigation water, are carried downward, below the reach of the roots of plants, and thus lost. Also, when powdered rock plant foods are used, these take time to become soluble; and after these minerals enter into solution in rain water or irrigation water, they also are lost from the topsoil and carried to the subsoil, beyond the reach of the roots of plants. The advan�tage of this new Organic Tank Gardening system is that all minerals added to the soil in which plants grow are conserved and rendered in�creasingly available as their concentration in the circulating irri�gating solution increases. For more information on this subject see last chapter of our book "ARE YOU BEING POISONED BY NEW SUPER SPRAYS? This chapter is called "ORGANIC TANK GARDENING."

These scientists employed soil re-mineralization and regeneration techniques employing the use of ground stone dust or sea vegetation, and green (plant) compost, and the periodic aeration of plant or tree roots through cultivation. The results were indeed phenomenal. Marketed spinach grown on ordinary soil contained from 600 to 1,600 parts per billion of iodine, whereas spinach grow in re-mineralized soil contained as high as 640,000 parts per billion. Testing revealed that various vegetables grown in Savage's "mineral garden" possessed as much as 400% more iron and other minerals than crops grown by standard methods. (For test your soil, try a Garden Soil Test Kit from Edmund Scientifics)


The necessity of soil re-mineralization is based on the premise that over the millennia the earth's surface has undergone a progressive erosion of both its major and trace minerals. As well, the widespread and serious de-mineralization problem has been vastly exacerbated in this century by deforestation, massive mono-culture cropping, and heavy agrichemical dependency. Today the only place where the full range of vital minerals can be found is in the seabeds where streams and rivers have carried them, or in the earth's rocks. Thus the utilization of sea plants and rock dust became a central feature in strategic efforts to achieve balanced soil re-mineralization.

The place of soil re-mineralization--as a fundamental health strategy--is corroborated not only by experimenters in improving plant and animal wellness,but as well in prehistoric fossil records. For instance, paleopathologist Roy L. Moodie has found that "the early faunas were free of disease" and that "the most ancient bacteria were harmless," i.e., non-pathogenic in nature. He maintains that "There are no known cases or examples of infection, no tumors, few traumatic lesions or injuries of any kind prior to Devonian" and that "the earliest animals were free from disease." (next column)

Could this mean that humanity has become WEAKER in the face of bacteria? It is also worth noting in this regard that the earliest book of antiquity in the Judeo-Christian record, Genesis, gives no account of any specific human diseases, and as well makes no reference to conditions such imbecility, blindness, deafness, or other deformities.


In reviewing a modern text-book of domesticated crop diseases, one is as appalled by their number and variety as one is by the list of human illnesses in a text-book of medicine. The correlation is remarkable. We find in both a number of deficiency diseases; excess diseases; parasitic diseases; virus diseases; diseases due to insufficient or defective water, oxygen and sunlight; those associated with excessive heat or cold; chemical induced diseases (i.e., spraying/drugging); and last but not least multiple degenerative and deformity diseases. How did the major share of these diseases come into being? By cause, or mere chance? Wrench answers:

I take it that what has happened to man has happened no less to his domesticated plants. Science has effected a marvelous progress in variety and fragmentation, but at the same time it has torn plants from their traditional conditions upon which their health depends. . . here is, no doubt, I think, that modern man has made plant life in his own image.

Part of today's larger shift toward environmental responsibility and sustain ability are the commendable efforts to reduce excessive dependency on soil and plant chemicals in agricultural methods. However, the growing impetus toward "organic" approaches to agriculture relies heavily upon manure fertilizers. On this point Shelton comments that "it has long been known that heavy manuring of the soil results in the plants grown thereon being subject to parasitic infestation because of their lack of health."

Morgan also contends that fertilizers derived from stable manure or of animal origin (as well as chemicals), were significantly injurious to the health of soil and plants. In fact, he maintains that their widespread use has served to create conditions of disease and degeneration consecutively in soil, plant, animal and human life. In his words:

"I have proved that susceptibility to disease is greatest with large dressings of dung. It is the main cause of fungoid infections of plants . .. and bad eyesight, bad teeth, and kindred troubles in human beings.... As to [chemical] fertilizers, they often deplete the soil of its fertility and induce acidity. . . . "

His experimental work in England in the early part of this century, closely paralleled those of Sir Howard in India. The farms surrounding his own--all employing conventional agribusiness methods--were struck again and again over the years by multiple forms of disease and a variety of pests. Morgan's vast fruit orchards, vegetable gardens and grain fields thrived, totally immune' to these perennial problems.201 (For more background discussion on the need and potential for achieving an enhanced agricultural system that is more conducive to ensuring natural immunity, in plants, animals, and man please refer to Annex II--Agrochemical Agriculture--the Need for a Saner Alternative.)

Another notable and much more recent horticultural experimenter who bears mentioning is Australian, David Phillips. In his outstanding book, "From Soil to Psyche," he maintains that when plants are deprived of vital organic and mineral nutrients and instead are stimulated to undergo enforced growth--as in the case of chemical fertilization--such plants "react by a wild development of cellular structure which is deficient in trace elements and amino acids." He goes on to affirm that:

Such poorly constituted crops cannot avoid, and must inevitably attract any prevalent form of disease. At our own organic farms, not one papaya tree was lost during the severe disease epidemic of 1973 which followed Eastern Australia's 1972 partial drought. Every newspaper reported the severe plant losses of up to 90 percent of plantations from "three strains of virus. . .

"It was no strange or mystical phenomenon that our farm, with its organically mulched plants, registered not even a decline in crop production while other farmers in the district were bemoaning their huge losses."

Extracted from:

Obomsawin, Raymond M.D. Universal Immunization. Published by the Health Action Network Society, Burnaby, B.C., Canada.

See also:

The Survival of Civilization: regarded by a growing movement worldwide as a blueprint for the survival of the Earth, restoring ecological balance and, perhaps, even recreating Eden. The health an dwell-being of all living things ultimately depends on a highly mineralized, alive and vibrant soil. Rock dust adds up to a hundred elements. Trace mineral sand can greatly increase yield and quality of food making organic agriculture truly viable. Undertaking the task of re-mineralization is urgent to restore our agricultural soils, to save the dying forests in the temperate latitudes, and to stabilize our climate. Joanna Campe, Editor of "Remineralize the Earth magazine" says "This visionary book shows how the survival of civilization depends upon the recovery of culture and agriculture from ignorance and greed..."

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Health Supreme Update: Agribusiness: Farming Subsidies Destroy Food Security - July 07, 2005

The European "Common Agricultural Policy" and its related monster, US grain and meat export subsidies, have been a cancer on our food production pathways, eating into food quality by stimulating industrial scale production that depletes the earth's mineral wealth. Even more importantly, these policies are driving large numbers of our small farmers off their farms which have, for thousands of years, been the mainstay of food production and have provided relative food security.

Today, farmers are paid either to NOT produce, or are given subsidies even when overall production of a commodity, like milk, exceeds demand. Foods get imported and exported for no other reason than to obtain the subsidies...

NewsWiseOrganic Farms Produce Same Yields as Conventional Farms - July 13, 2005

For corn and soybeans, organic farming yields the same size crop with a lot less fossil energy input and impact on the environment than conventional farming, according to a new study...

U.S. Organic Standards in Jeopardy

As the primary shopper in my household, I've got enough to worry about without having to question the authenticity of the food labels I read at the grocery store.

But big food manufacturers such as Kraft are lobbying Congress to change the law so that artificial ingredients can be included in foods labeled "100% organic." Tell Congress not to weaken this law!

Why can't they just leave well enough alone? In a word -- profit. Food companies know that educated consumers care about the foods they eat and are willing to pay more for healthy products that carry the "organic" label.

Most shockingly, the industry is claiming that consumers do not care about the use of artificial ingredients in food products labeled "organic" and are trying to slip this change into the law without any public input whatsoever.

But consumers clearly do care! A recent nationwide survey by the nonpartisan watchdog group Consumers Union found that an overwhelming 85% of Americans said they do not expect food labeled as "organic" to contain artificial ingredients.

Now, we must make sure that the our voice is heard - and not simply that of big business. But we must act quickly - the issue is being considered this month!

Tell Congress that "organic" should mean exactly that - no artificial ingredients allowed!

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  • Genetically Modified Seeds ~ GMO Corporate Produce - Monsanto's GMO engineered crops Threaten world production and overall health of humanity.
  • Is Your Multi-Vitamin Really Complete? Look for These Nutrients on the Labelicon - By Dr. Allen Josephs
    02/23/2006 - Only about 40 percent of the U.S. population takes a daily multi-vitamin. Yet most aren't getting the RDA of vitamins and minerals as a result of diets consisting of processed, nutrient-stripped foods. If you suspect you're not eating enough fruits and veggies, choose a high-quality multi-vitamin supplement to support your health. In addition to commonly-known nutrients, like vitamin C and calcium, bioflavonoids, like quercetin and curcumin, and omega-3 essential fatty acids, like EPA and DHA, should be part of your daily regimen. Most multi's aren't as "complete" as they claim to be. Be sure to check out our Synergy line, which is superior in quality and contains specific dosages of nutrients designed to help you achieve optimal health.
  • Vegetables are less nutritious than they were 50 years ago
    The amounts of key nutrients like protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and vitamin C in vegetables have noticeably declined over the past 50 years, according to data collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Declines were six percent for protein, 15 percent for iron, 20 percent for vitamin C, and 38 percent for riboflavin. Today's commonly grown vegetable varieties may be less nutritious than the varieties grown 50 years ago because they have been selectively bred for fast growth and high production, which leaves them less time to acquire nutrients. Read about the findings in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, or read the study abstract.
  • Organic diets lower pesticide levels in the body
    Eating an organic diet can dramatically lower pesticide levels in the body, according to a study that measured organophosphates in children, conducted by scientists from Emory University, the University of Washington, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Initially all 23 children were eating a conventional diet, and urine samples from all of them contained metabolites of the common pesticides malathion and chlorpyrifos. Then the children switched to an organic diet, and the pesticides in their urine dropped to undetectable levels. When the children returned to a conventional diet, the pesticide levels went back up. Read the study in Environmental Health Perspectives.

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