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Does Back-to-School Mean Back-to-the-Pediatrician?

Of course not! Although you might be delighted in the fact that your little ones are back-to-school, they may have to go back-to-the-pediatrician's office too! Good nutrition and proper supplementation can help you send your kids to school without the high incidence of the common cold and/or viral infections and keep them out of the doctor's office.

Germs, Germs, Germs�Achoo!

As you know, there are plenty of germs out there. When your child is exposed to any germ, it may get around his/her body's defenses and gain entry. And, any child's germs can easily make the acquaintance of his playmate - your son or daughter.


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Those nasty germs quickly find a home inside your child's body and continue the process of reproduction. When they settle in their upper respiratory tract, cold symptoms such as cough and runny nose occur. When they settle in their lower respiratory tract, wheezing or pneumonia may occur. Your little ones get symptoms of malfunction in the areas the germs decide to call home.

A Strong Defense IS the Best Offense...

Your child's immune system - or defense system - fights off the infection by sending an army of chemicals, antibodies and blood cells. This brief battle, which may produce symptoms including a fever, results in creating immunity to the germ that caused the illness.

The amazing thing about your child's immune system is that it has a memory. It remembers the germs and mounts a much larger defense the next time the germ visits - often killing it before it can get established and cause an illness.

Your kids, particularly your youngest kids, haven't been around very long, and their bodies have not met many of the germs that surround us. Therefore, they get sick often.

Back-to-School to Stay�Yey!

Your child's immunity is strengthened each time they get sick. But there are ways to strengthen their immunity through good nutrition and vitamin supplements too.

The right nutrition will help your child maintain his/her health. One example of the benefits of providing children with optimal nutrition is the story of Fred, the son of Puritan's Pride, Physician's Choice, and Vitamin founder and CEO, Wayne Gorsek. Fred is seven years old and is very healthy - not only now - but has been his entire life. Fred has never needed or used an antibiotic and has never had an ear infection or sinusitis. He is at his ideal weight, full of energy and very healthy and happy mentally. Of course, Fred has been taking vitamins and nutritional supplements from a very young age. You too, can start your child on the path to good health with these great multi-vitamins and herbal remedies.

The ABC's of Apples, Bananas and Carrots�

Take an active role in your child's nutrition. Teach them the difference between good foods and bad. A lot easier said, than done, right? Well, you can't be assured that your children will love vegetables the first time they eat them, but with these tips, you might be able to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need to maintain good health. Back to School!icon

Pet Vitamins Pet Vitamins

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